Dog Farting

Is your dog farting? Flatulence is dog digestion gone bad and here are some ideas to combat this offensive odorous canine song.

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that a little odorless pooting coming from the dog is cute; especially when they look for the culprit by spinning and smelling.

And it’s even funny when a dog runs away and hides under the bed ON OCCASION.

But what if it hurts? Is your dog grouchy?

If your dog has gas on a regular basis here is what you should know:

  • Dog flatulence is caused by improper digestion, period.
  • By not fixing the underlying problem, other health problems are on the way.
  • If your canine has been eating the same food for years and recently became gassy, it means  he simply cannot digest it anymore.  Few commercial dog foods have enough nutritional value and all those additives can't be dealt with anymore. Now, not only is he is distress but now so are you. Please help him.
  • If he only gets flatulence after eating those pupperoni treats or beggin strips, throw them out! If you read the label, there is no actual food in them, but they are filled with artificial flavors, colors and 'surprise meat byproducts' that keep the liver working far to hard. Please eliminate toxins in food and dog treats.
  • Antibiotics cause gas. How? They kill ALL bacteria, not just the bad. That means bacteria needed for digestion is gone. Please replace it with a probiotics so the immune system can get back on track.
  • And now you know if you had a fart contest with your dog last night after sharing a bag of snack food and your spouse had to leave the room know what to do. (And I don't mean open the window!)
  • Consider easily digested food which increases your dog's health.  After years of feeding a raw homemade diet I cannot tell you all the wonderful benefits such as no symptoms of anything bad. Nothing. Great skin, great breath, great energy and certainly no dog farting in my house any longer. Check out my recipes and learn what should go in a really healthy dog diet.

A Note About Dog Farting and Dog Digestion

Remember it doesn't feel good to have gas and your poor dog can't tell you about it.

Please, if you smell it, fix it.

A few  invaluable tools?  NSP's probiotics and enzymes.  Here's a nifty scientific fact  there are 100 trillion one celled organisms that call a body home. What I'm saying is bacteria cells outnumber gene cells 10 to 1!!!!

At the very least, I suggest:

Nutribiome  (Stock # 6109-3)

Probiotics Eleven (Stock# 1510-1 )

Proactazyme  (Stock #    1525-0 )

This will last your dog about 3 months; reset his gut bacteria, feed his gut bacteria and help metabolize his food while helping other bodily functions as well. 

To purchase these right now, simply click on  Three Little Pitties NSP website  and the  link will open in a new window.

Below my picture, fill out your name and email. Then type in your dog's weight and that you are purchasing the probiotics/enzyme thresome so I can send the complete instructions including correct dosage for your dog before you get your package in the mail.  In fact I'll send it to you as soon as I see you have joined my team.

Next, copy and paste the name of each supplement in the upper right corner above the form you just filled out. Once all of them are in your shopping cart, it's time to apply your discount by joining as a member of NSP.  It's free and actually gives you a discount on future purchases as well.

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Notice: Supplements for Your Dog

I sell NSP (Nature's Sunshine) herbs and supplements for your dog. These are strictly tested and made for human consumption.

To get proper doses for your dog you must purchase through me. I've spent a great deal of time choosing the right combinations and doses per weight for your canine kid.