Safe Dog Flea Control

Dog flea control can be done in many ways. The standard stuff is highly toxic so what else can you do? I got your back on this one.

An adorable work of art done by a friend, Sharon Krock that reminds me healthy dogs rarely itch or scratch.

Heaven knows I've written dozens of pages on fleas and I learned how toxic those spot on treatments and pills can be after one of my dogs  nearly died many years ago.

While I haven't seen a flea in years, you may not be so lucky.

Simple Dog Flea Control Methods

Healthy dogs don't get fleas so if your dog has them, it's your call to action to improve his health. Then you won't have to worry about killing fleas. While I've used all the things on this short list, the first has been working for my dog for several years now so it's all she needs.

  • Diet - Yup, dogs fed a natural diet of raw meat, bones and fat are so much healthier, they do not attract fleas, hence I haven't seen any in years. That takes a while so what else can you do in the meantime?
  • Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth can be taken in small doses internally, and it's a great non toxic way to treat carpets
  • Garlic makes a dog far less tasty
  • Small doses of a good quality black walnut which also works for heartworm resistance.
  • Essential Oils used correctly can be outstanding and the right combination spray will keep mosquitoes at bay as well.

Are You Poisoning Your Dog?

Thousands and thousands of people are still unknowingly poisoning their dogs by using pills and spot on treatments. Few dogs die outright but there are plenty of complaints to the CDC and EPA by owners whose dogs did die.

I had a customer who was trying to figure out why her dog was weak, lethargic and had leg tremors. He was also vomiting a few times a month along with diarrhea.

Classic signs of poisoning!

It's impossible to feed your dog pesticides without causing long term damage.

How About a Simple Spray?

Something easy you can do is a spray, but until a few months ago I didn't know there was a safe one out there. I don't trust advertisers who misuse words like "natural" and I don't need any anyway.

BUT, I was on the website of a favorite homeopathic vet and saw he recommended one so I checked it out. I looked at their history, their essential oil ingredients and I even emailed them.

They are the real deal and I get no money for promoting them. I simply want you to know about Wondercide. And since it works for mosquitoes too, you can dump the heartworm pesticides as well.

Be well!


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Important Notice

I sell NSP (Nature's Sunshine) herbs and supplements for your dog. While these are strictly tested and made for human consumption, I am the only one in the United States successfully using them for dogs for over a decade now.

To get proper doses for your dog you must purchase through me. I've spent a great deal of time learning the right combinations and doses per weight for your canine kid.