Why Do So Many
Suffer from Dog Fleas?

Today I'd like to share the truth about dog fleas. Turns out most of us are putting out a smorgasbord for them. Who would have thought that?

I also have a personal story about flea meds.

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This photo of my dog Helen is NOT from fleas

This was taken more than 2 weeks AFTER the flea med side effects began so my Helen is much healed here

Did the reason for dog fleas surprise you as much as it did me? In case I wasn't clear, dogs who eat nutritious foods don't get fleas.

Did you know the FDA has published warnings on those spot on flea preventatives for years?

I saw my first one a years after my experience. I never thought to go to their website and I bet not many others do either. Not even our vets.

Dog Fleas and Food

What the heck was I talking about when I said we are what we eat? Well you can look for video 3 or you can read about dog nutrition. Here's a hint though.

Let's think species appropriate food.

Since a dog is related to a wolf and not sheep, cows or humans, can you imagine his wild wolf cousins raiding a corn field? Digging up potatoes?

Nope, me either.

Time we figure this out.

By the way, you know the AAFCO that approves of all those dog foods out there?

The AAFCO is a private corporation not a governmental agency and its advisors include representatives from  Nestle Purina, Hills Pet Nutrition, Nutro Products and Cargill Animal Nutrition.  

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P.S. Here is a video transcript for my deaf and hard of hearing dog loving friends . . .

Okay, today I want to talk about something that most of us worry about and that's fleas. Yes dog fleas. The little buggers. You know I had mentioned something in the first video about not wanting you and your dogs going through some of the stuff my dogs went through and a flea infestation is one of them. 

First, it started out about 30 years ago with my dog Izzy. She was allergic to dog fleas and the vet gave her cortisone shots every few weeks. { This is what I call blind trust } I mean one flea and she would break out, her hair would fall out, she would bleed, she would chew. It was terrible. And I didn't understand any connection. I simply went to the vet and she gave her a shot. { I thought the vet was fixing the problem } Then eventually, she stopped giving Izzy the shots. She said she couldn't have any more.

I had no idea at the time that there were side effects of cortisone, which I'll bring up in another video. { Instead of fixing the problem she had created another one }

Anyway, the vet offered the spot on flea and tick control that you put between the shoulder blades and I said,  "But that's a poison," and she said, "Oh no-no-no. It'll be fine. It's a poison to the fleas but doesn't hurt the dog." 

Well, that just didn't make sense to me and for the first time I did not believe my veterinarian and I didn't want to use it. But I did live in the South where fleas were practically year round and didn't feel I had a choice but to use it occasionally.

Now fast forward 20 years and I thought everything was fine. Because of all the natural stuff that I had learned I wasn't going to have a problem with fleas and my dogs ate garlic and all was well.  

Well, at the time I had five. Yes five dogs. Five pit bulls under one roof between 70 and 120 pounds. That was a lot of dog.  And guess what? We got the flea infestation from Hades. I kid you not. It was horrific. Just imagine dogs moving furniture and rubbing on their backs trying to scratch and scratching against the walls and literally  wiping blood on the carpet, furniture and walls. 

And I know this sounds horrible but I just didn't want to use the flea meds. A flea med is NOT a medicine! It's a poison and that poison gets absorbed through the skin and then it has to be filtered out through the liver and kidneys (as you might guess takes 30-45 days) and it wears out the organs.

I didn't want to do it. I made every recipe I knew and nothing worked. It got so bad each of the dogs were getting 100 fleas a day rinsed off their bodies. 100 fleas a day EACH. That's 500 fleas easily every single day. And of course I was getting bit too, but that's not the point right now.

So I bit the bullet and my husband went out and bought some heavy duty spray to spray the house. We got the dogs out and I moved furniture and vacuumed and sprayed everywhere. Every inch of that house. And then . . .

I used the spot on treatment. { After I changed their diet I went back to an herbal flea program } BUT, go back just a minute. One of my dogs, actually two of them had a terrible reaction the the flea meds.  Helen almost died. I kid you not, within an hour of putting that stuff on her, her neck and her back broke out in huge blisters that popped and bled. I mean I'm talking about lumps the size of a pear.

Then Helen found a spot in the back of the closet where she spent the next 48 hours not moving.

I never ever want to see something like that again and I don't want you to. My ignorance nearly cost my dog her life. I learned something dog fleas and this is going to sound really funny but . . .You are what you eat.  And it was the food.

So next time we're gonna talk about food and what's good and what's not good.

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