Is Your Dog Food Dish
a Toxic Plastic Dog Bowl?

Is your dog food dish safe? Plastic dog bowls leak chemicals and harbor bacteria so what is your safest choice for your dogs health?

  Bacteria Haven & Chemical Effects

The problem with plastic is it's porous, so it can absorb bacteria, especially if it has been scratched or marred. Same for a water bowl.

Plastic also releases a chemical which the body accepts as estrogen and heaven knows we don't need to mess with hormones. First it leaches into the food or water, and then into your dog. This is not a good thing.

I learned this at a seminar from an MD who went into the field of natural hormone replacement therapy for people.

Here is a headline from Science Daily (Mar. 27, 2009): Hormone-Mimics In Plastic Water Bottles Act As Functional Estrogens. Now that is scary stuff. Especially if it is being blamed for an increased risk of breast cancer in women.

The more the plastic is heated, the more contaminated the food or water inside it becomes. Even a water bottle left in a hot car will have increased water contamination.

Microwaving in plastic containers does the same thing (and worse). You don't microwave this way do you? You might want to take a quick peek at Microwave Oven Cooking because the scientific studies are scary.

Especially if your female dog produces milk even though she's never had pups, get rid of the plastic!!! Hormones have many things to balance in the body besides reproduction.

What About a Metal Food Dish?

Much better. As long as its not aluminum. Aluminum is a light metal that can also leach into food or water but it's rare to find nowadays.

How about a heavy weight metal dog bowl like stainless steel? Yes. I had several metal mixing bowls than turned into dog bowls. They are virtually indestructible. Well, if you don't count that my daughter used to use them for a step stool or a helmet.

Other uses for a dog food dish

The drawback to metal besides teenage girls? Some healthy additions to your dogs food react to the metal. Apple cider vinegar is an example of this. Any additives to your dog's food should be put on top of the food where it won't touch the bowl itself, or use what I use now.

The Best Dog Food Dish

Is glass or ceramic. Yup. I know it's breakable but honestly if you get a thick glass mixing bowl, they're sturdier than you might think. Glass doesn't absorb anything and it doesn't release anything. It's about as clean as you can get...and boy is it heavy.

It's funny how I worried about breakable bowls or dishes but after feeding raw for quite awhile I realized I only needed a small bowl and  I haven't had one break yet. Guess all that worry was for nothing.

Bottom line? Even if one breaks, who cares? My dog is worth it. A dog food dish is replaceable, my dog isn't. 

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Important Notice

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