Bad Dog Food Ingredients


Ever wonder what those dog food ingredients are you can’t pronounce?  Here’s what you should know and how to tell if you’re serving up these toxic treats.

If you think they’re vitamins for dogs, like I once did, think again. They’re probably part of what is called a premix and they don’t have anything to do with food or real vitamins.

The premix is purchased from an outside source and is supposed to add vitamins and protein so that the food can pass AAFCO.

What’s the problem?

For one, did you know that the melamine poisoning that killed hundreds of dogs back in 2007 was added to dog food in that premix on purpose?  Yup, the stuff you make countertops with is actually a protein. Wasn’t a wise choice was it? Wonder where the stuff comes from? I’m about to tell you and share my source with you as well.

Dog Food Ingredients from China

Since 2007, jerky treats coming mostly from China have sickened more than 3,600 dogs and cats and killed more than 500. Folks are getting better at reading the labels to see where foods and treats come from. That’s a good thing and I’m proud of them… but…

Many dog food ingredients still come from India or China. Why?  It’s cheap and they don’t have the rules many other countries have. And the best part (for the big dog food companies) is they can use the stuff and still say their dog food is made in the United States. Good for dog food manufacturers and bad for us.

Another sad point is even if the premix is made in the US, the ingredients for the premix likely still come from China.  So what else besides the occasional use of something like melamine do we have to worry about?

Toxic Food for Dogs

Understanding the dog food analysis label is good to know, and I have to admit when I wrote about the Top 27 Dog Food Ingredients to Avoid, I was worried about your dog getting  things like corn, wheat middlings, cereal food fines, and peanut hulls (as examples) which will do long term damage to dog health. 

All the time I was warning my readers about substandard dog food ingredients I was totally unaware of what is called the premix, or where it comes from. I knew when I looked up each vitamin individually; they were bad because they were synthetic. The problem with synthetic vitamins is the body knows the difference and instead of being nourishing, the body sees them as a drug or toxin and the liver must work overtime to filter it out.

Very few people know about the premix and I want my readers to be the people who do. If I didn't have a subscription to DNM I might still not know.  What's DNM?  Dogs Naturally Magazine

So now I'm going to give them a plug. They deserve it. Go ahead and click on the link to check them out. While you're there, type "Premix" in the search box. They have a great article called "Think You Can Avoid Pet Foods Made in China" where they will fill in any details I did not.

Happy learning!

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