Dog Food Manufacturers
and the Big Lie

Sound harsh? Do I blame dog food manufacturers for lousy ingredients in commercial kibble and can foods causing canine illness? You bet. And it's not just cheap dog food either.

Healthy Pit Bull denounces dog food manufactures

Do we have anything to do with it? Yes.Come on, we know a potato chip is not a vegetable so why do we assume meat by products are meat? They're not. None of us should be feeding our dogs beaks and feathers, which is what chicken by products are (among other things).

It's time we get educated!  We need to take off the blinders and see what's happening to dog health.

Why are dogs now getting all the diseases people get – and at a much earlier age? Because they are eating junk for food and it’s even worse than the junk food we eat. Then we spend thousands of dollars on vet bills trying to help our beloved dogs and all because we were dumb enough to believe the stupid commercials!

I don’t care if its dog kibbles, puppy kibble, can dog food or moist dog food in a little pouch. Most of it is toxic food for dogs. And now you can buy this crap and go to the vet in the same store. Cha-ching! Talk about a money maker.

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This dog didn't get to live long enough and she had to grow up without him. I still miss my sweet crazy Isaac after 15 years. He was only four when he died.

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Maybe the following will help you stop trusting the commercials and choosing your dog’s food by the pretty package.Remember dog food manufacturers pay to make the packaging look good. There is no law that it has to be truthful.

I’ll start with an excerpt from one of my favorite books to illustrate what dog food manufacturers can do. In The Nature of Animal Healing, by Martin Goldstein, D.V.M. he writes:

“Imagine waking up in the morning and coming down to the kitchen to make yourself breakfast. You take some soy bean grits, mix them with some tainted cattle-meat meal, throw in a few beaks and feathers, smother your concoction with processed sugar syrup and chemicals, then sprinkle on a few preservatives and dyes. Pressure cook the hell out of it, let it cool – and dig in!”

It might prove sobering to read my page on Dog Food Ingredients to Avoid. You can copy it and take it to the store with you.

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Is this what you want for your dog? And these same conglomerates say not to feed table scraps . Who are they kidding? Don't table scraps sound good after reading the above paragraph? Boy, talk about greedy.

Since the making and selling of pet foods is a for-profit venture, here is some food for thought.

I imagine it like the corporate America I used to work in. When the company had multimillion dollar projects, they would break down the job into components, then invite certain other companies as subcontractors, to bid on each component of their project with a detailed list of what they wanted/expected in the bid.

On the specified date the official sealed bids would arrive. There would be a big meeting and they took the lowest bidder or next to lowest bidder, depending on the trust factor, among other criteria.

Now that low bidder, had to either cut their profit margin pretty thin, squeeze in less than perfect materials or both. Because profit was the bottom line.

There is a bit more information about dog food manufacturing at this link.

The bottom line is, nothing replaces whole foods. We have gotten lazy and maybe that's why we believed the commercials telling us that little dried up turd looking things were nutritious.

The joke is on us.

Heck, organic foods got popular because enough people wanted nutritious foods not grown in over chemically fertilized fields. If we stop buying the crap, dog food manufactures will have to get better or go out of business.

There are a few decent ones out there, so for heavens sake, do your homework so you can find them.  Think trustworthy like Honest Kitchen and Wysong.

Please, for the love of your family dog, be an educated consumer.

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And now that I know better, my dogs are healthier. Here's Bonz Capone when he was ten. He looked terrible when I adopted him. In fact he used to tip his bowl and try to bury his kibble. I didn't get it.

Finally I got educated about dog food manufacturers and ingredients. I chose to switch my dogs to raw.Their health and energy improved  and Bonz never tried to bury his bowl again. In fact, it didn't take long for him to start dancing on his hind legs at mealtime.

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