Dog Food Nutrition
Advice for Healthy Foods and Good Digestion

There’s two parts of dog food nutrition. Two? Yes truly nutritious canine fare is first, but digestion is key. Is your dog getting foods he can't digest leaving him a toxic dump?

Real Dog Food Nutrition in a Pit Bull

We are what we eat and dogs are no different, except they don’t have a choice.

If your dog stinks, has bad breath, health problems, flaky skin, gets ear infections, or doesn't play like he used to - you need dog nutrition advice, not a drug. Its time to look at your dog food choices for him and it may even be time to look at his poop.

You heard me.

Be Brave, Investigate Dog Food Nutrition

He can’t talk so you have to be brave and investigate.

While dog food nutrition is basically the same for all dogs, your dog is an individual and that's why I want you know about dog poop health.

There’s lots you can do to improve his food and dog digestion. Once you get it right you’ll be amazed at your canine's increased energy and vitality. Plus, no longer running to the vets is a wonderful thing.

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First, let's define dog food nutrition. The dictionary says: The process of nourishing or being nourished, especially the process by which a living organism assimilates food and uses it for growth and tissue replacement. Sounds like digestion doesn't it?

We all have the basic idea of what digestion is. Digesting is breaking down food so it then can be assimilated by the body. And to assimilate means to consume and incorporate into the body. It transforms food into living tissue.

Now that our little lesson part is over, let me just say I would rather have my living tissue made up of, say, a green leafy salad or an apple than the sugar, corn syrup and chocolate in a candy bar.

And since we're talking about dog food nutrition, wouldn't you rather have your dog's tissue made up of meat, vegetables and maybe a few grains instead of by-products leftover not fit for human (or dog) consumption?

Let's start with some thoughts on dog kibble and how those commercials suck us in.

If you've had trouble finding the right dry dog food for your dog's allergies or know anyone who has, I hope you'll read Allergy Dog Food which has a lot to do with truth in labeling.

Learning dog food nutrition has not been an easy road for me and I want it to be better for you. Your dog's health is at stake.The hardest part for me was knowing so much about human nutrition and then blindly listening to commercials by the dog food manufacturers instead of applying what I knew.

I mean dogs are carnivores but other than that we are more alike than we are different. My worst mistake was believing dog food nutrition could be scientifically formulated in dog food manufacturing. I hate to even write it on this page because it's so embarrassing.

So what if you were to decide to change your dog’s food to human grade? Wouldn’t she be better off? Yes, but then we have to think about it. I know. A pain in the butt but after awhile, it becomes second nature. If you want to learn more about feeding raw, click over to Raw Dog Food.

If you’ve read these linked pages up to here (except for the raw dog food) you will see I’m not big on kibble or canned food. But what if you are? I can help you there too because there are many levels of quality from those you shouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole and some that are pretty good for this type of food.

First things first, the worst dog food on the planet with no dog food nutrition is the stuff in the little pouches, so if you feed it please read Semi Moist Dog Food.

The challenge I had while learning about various brands is the same I’m having now with sharing. I cannot give you lists of good, medium and bad dog foods because the ingredients can change as they did for me and my five dogs awhile back. Keeping that in mind and trying to keep it doable for you, we’ll talk about it in stages. If you don't want to do that, I suggest you get a subscription to Petsumer Reports because all the company does is keep up with that sort of thing.

Okay, you can either start at Bad Dog Food Ingredients That Can Kill Your Canine which gives you the top six dangerous offenders or you can dive in for the whole list at the 27 Top Toxic Dog Food Ingredients to  Avoid I know that's a lot to take in for your mental digestion but I can't tell you how important this is. Here's a tidbit for you.

If meat meal in dog food doesn't scare you, here is a statistic - 140,000 tons of poultry is condemned each year in the United States, mainly due to cancer.

Where does it go? Do you think they cook the cancer out of it?

Next, let's look at how to find the Best Commercial Dog Food which you can do by looking for specific ingredients. After reading both pages, you'll see how changing a word here and there fools us into thinking the ingredients are better than they are. An example being the difference between "meat meal" and "lamb meal". The first should make you shudder in disgust.

Grains in dog food are inexpensive filler and a no-grain dog food can be better; but beware of the no grain dog food farce because those sneaky dog food manufacturers are at it again.

You wondering how I learned so much? It's called Dog Health Nutrition, Learning the Hard Way and it wasn't pretty. It's why I started this website. One of the things that makes me laugh most is over feeding dogs table scraps. Probably the best thing I did the first 30 years of dog ownership.

Now, what if you should want to combine kibble and cooked or kibble and raw dog food because your schedule is a mess or you're not sure you're ready to commit to a raw diet? Take a click over to Raw and Kibble for suggestions and then since I feel the need to write about practically everything,  I'll share the Side Effects of Making Your Own Dog Food. You should get a chuckle over that.

If you love to cook for your dog you will find that Home Made Dog Food Tips has it's own section and whether you feed raw or cooked  I'm going to depress you over chicken. It's not that I want to bring you down but if you don't know about Raising Meat Chickens nowadays, you should. At least you'll have a better appreciation for their free range cousins.

What about vegetables for dogs? Good grief, there's even controversy over that. Is there really dog food nutrition in veggies? I'll get to writing about soon but in the meantime, I feed them but I use a food processor to break down the fiber. Which ones? Take a peek at Vegetables for Dogs and see.

Now here is a good one you may not know about. Do you drink kefir? Unpasteurized kefir is awesome for your dog too, so read about the benefits of kefir.

And whether you feed raw, home cooked or dry dog food, I'd like you to know about the power of Raw Bones for Dogs.

Another controversy is grains. Are grains bad for dogs or is it the quality of grains they're getting? Let's look at the dogs digestive system and then you tell me what you think.

To sum it all up, take a look at Dog Food Comparison which gives you the seven levels of dog food nutrition from Barf to Bad.

By the way, if you wonder why so many veterinarians don't encourage you to feed human grade dog food, this one might be an eye opener. It's called Canine Nutrition and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

And last but not least, guess what the natural remedy for fleas is?? Be careful. It might shock you.

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