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Would a dog health care guide benefit you? Have you ever added up the hours you spend searching a dog health problem for home remedies? Ever found a great website and then couldn't find it again?

Welcome to the club because you are not alone.

Another challenge might be you find a website that tells you to use an herb for this or an herb for that but where do you find the herbs? How do you know which herbs you can mix and which ones you can't? And if that website sells herbal remedies how do you know the quality, strength and purity? Are they pesticide free? Where do you find the right dose for your canine depending on his size? It can be a daunting job to get it all right and a confusing mess. A dog health care guide could help.

And did you know you can overdo it with natural remedies for dogs and actually hurt them? I can't tell you how many times I've been contacted by a loving, caring dog owner asking for help and when I ask if the dog is getting anything already, I get a list of five, six or seven things! No, no, no. Let me explain something important.

The Process of Healing

There are two processes. One is to detoxify and the other is to build. You can only do so much at one time. It's a process that should be gentle. It may take time but that's okay. After all it took time to create a dog health problem so expecting it to go away overnight isn't realistic and if you detoxify a body too fast it can be dangerous. And of course the overload will make your poor canine feel terrible.

How can it be dangerous? Let's look at man made drugs as an example. All drugs, bar none affect the liver in a bad way. The liver tries to filter out these toxins and weakens. Toxins get stored in the body elsewhere (think lumps, bumps and tumors for example) to keep the liver from failing.

Many herbal remedies are detoxifiers so if you pull too much too fast from the tissues, you stress out and overburden the liver.

The process of building is awesome but this too should be balanced because building strengthens, allowing the body to then detoxify naturally. And I hope that explains why I think a dog health care guide is an important addition to your library, even if you don't have a collection of favorite books yet.

A Dog Health Care Guide and My Story

I'm happy knowing more people each day realize things like heartworm preventatives, flea meds and those so easily prescribed anti inflammatory drugs are actually deteriorating health. It is for those people this website exists.

Often people find Three Little Pitties after reading several other websites. They settle down and read several pages. I make sense and the trust begins. Many of them contact me with questions or needed support to cure their dog.

Since the internet is a growing, boundless super highway of information, we forget website names and email addresses. I often get emails by upset people who “lost me” for weeks or months (for one woman it was two years). It got me to asking myself “How can I help? How can I be there for people when they need me? How can I help guide them through an ordeal that crops up long after we talked or visited my website?”

The answer was to write a book. As I tried to figure out how to get my entire website information into a book I was overwhelmed. Come on, it took six years to get the Three Little Pitties website where it is now. And then the answer came to me. I would write a series of books and create classes.

The advantage to a series is that each book will be geared to certain aspects of dog health care, not be too long, give great information and not be too pricey. And whether my readers choose a printed version or an eBook, they will have my website address at their fingertips so if they need guidance with a specific challenge, I’m just an email away.  "Brilliant!" said one of my biggest readers who emails me every week.

And since many of my regular readers and contacts have had success using NSP products (which are always tested for quality, strength and purity) the last book will be an extensive dog health care guide about how to help your dog's body heal itself with targeted NSP products so that you too can do what I do. That pretty much floats my boat thinking about so many of us joining forces and healing dogs.

You will be able to buy any book you choose, in any order because they will all be independent of each other.

The first book is in both paperback and Kindle versions but they were not listed together last time I checked. Let me tell you a little about the book.

Book One
Dog Health Care Tips

Did you know for instance that you can use the same herbal combination to prevent both heartworm, intestinal parasites AND deter fleas? You can stop feeding your dog insecticides, save money and improve his health all at the same time. I share exactly what products to use and their dosage.

Wouldn't you like to learn how to do a physical exam on your dog so you can find issues before they get huge? And make it fun for your dog in the process? I think I just heard someone sigh. Was that you? It does take a load off once you know what to look and feel for.

That's all the information I'm giving away. I'll leave you with part of the book description for my first dog health care guide from Amazon.

"This book is for those who want to get away from the drug-for-everything world. Learn why dog dental health has become a nightmare and how to be a practical observer. You'll find a few homemade recipes for skin and ears and how to cure a dog ear infection once and for all. Included are suggested remedies you may find for purchase. Prevent and cure parasites including heartworm with herbs and learn how to do your own canine physical exam in a fun way.

Applying the tips in this short dog health guide could not only improve canine health in your house but ultimately save you thousands of dollars as well."

* * *

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