Dog Health Classes

What if you could attend dog health classes online and be able to ask questions during the experience?

Classes are held once a year so read on.

Would you like to learn the fundamentals in a way you've never heard before? Not just DO THIS or DO THAT but something that enables you to do the best you can with whatever situation you are in now.

Would you enjoy not only reading but watching videos and have an optional audio download of the entire course?

No matter who you are, which way you learn best or what stage you are at, there is something for you.

Honestly some of the most fun, jaw dropping moments, or simply giant "Aha" moments as to why we do what we do became clear when I began studying the history of food and healthcare.

I mean seriously imagine my shock when I learned the boon of commercial dog foods began with not a scientist but a lightening rod salesman.  .

Remember your dog's health is up to YOU.

Do you know why most people visit this website or their veterinarian?

Because they are looking for a way to fix a specific problem.

. . .Yet all dog health problems, bar none come down to not following the basic fundamentals of real, natural, holistic health.

Learn them, practice them and behold the change in your dog while your self assurance grows.


How to Choose Your Dog's Food Like a Pro

Do you feed your dog kibble? If you wonder whether you have chosen the best dog food for your dog, I have a lot to share with you in my class. By the time you complete this little course, you'll know exactly what to do, how to choose wisely and be sure your dog gets his nutritional needs met.

After all, nutrition is at the very core of health because not only thousands, but millions of dying cells in your dogs body are replaced.

Not only do I have information from a previous dog food formulator, but a bit of inside information about what the actual ingredients are that go into the bag and the can and very interesting insights on how commercial dog food came to be. You won't want to miss that.

It will change the way you look at dog kibble for the rest of your life.

This Course is Open

Learn More Here


The Best Raw Dog Food

For both those considering starting a raw dog food diet and even seasoned raw providers. In this one you will come away with the understanding of components beyond what most people think is healthy and learn to prepare raw food like I do.

Prep time? A few seconds longer than serving a bowl of kibble. Seriously! And it's fun once you get the hang of it.

This Course is Currently Closed

Visit The Best Raw Dog Food to learn more

The Big Wide World of Dog Treats

Holy smokes, there are thousands of them out there to choose from and once I started investigating what they were really made of I had to create a rating system to make it easier for you.

I've included treats you can safely share with your dog and some recipes for those who feel special when preparing just for the pup.

This Course is Currently Closed

Visit The Big Wide World of Dog Treats to learn more

Vaccines - The Good, Bad & The Ugly

A shot is a shot right? Noooooooo!!!!

The most important of my dog health classes and the toughest thing I've ever written in my life and the most important information every single dog owner should know. I kid you not, this is life changing.

Most people are clueless about if, when and how often to vaccinate. I cover the scientific research and some history on vaccines and my own personal stories with vaccines.

If you only take one dog health course, this should be it.

This Course is Currently Closed

Visit Vaccines - The Good, Bad & The Ugly to learn more

Want all the Dog Health Classes?

Do I see you nodding your head yes? I hope so because this is the best of the best. It includes all the classes and more.

This Course is Currently Closed

Visit The Vital Components to Real Dog Health to learn more

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