Dog Health Coaching

Want personal dog health coaching? We'll dig deep to find the root cause of your dog's health issues and begin the process of rebalancing.

We don't want to "treat a disease" or "treat a symptom", we want to bring the body back to balance so it has the ability to fix the problem itself. During the process you will learn lifelong balancing for lifelong results.

Being coached is for those seriously interested, willing to learn through emails, articles, texts, messenger and/or Skype calls.

This coaching is limited to 12 people a year.To be considered, please fill out the application.

The price is $2,000.00 for 4 weeks.

DO NOT PAY with application. I will contact you via email after application is reviewed and ask you more questions. If we decide to move forward, I will accept your payment.

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What To Expect

Coaching lasts for four weeks. During that time we will communicate often using the modality that fits us best. Because of time zones and schedules, this is  done largely by email so both of us can go over previous conversations whenever needed.

If we use Skype, I'll record that too and give you a link to review it if needed.

Often quick questions or check-ins when you are on the go can be answered quickly by using Facebook Messenger.

During our first 'visit' I will decide the best course of action to follow and how I'll guide you through it. Usually this includes some specific dietary changes or additions.

You will be expected to purchase specific supplements through me as well. These may include natural anti inflammatories, immune boosters, detoxifiers and specific herbs to help the body where it is weakest.

Those I Cannot Help With
Dog Health Coaching

There are some folks who will not be a good fit for my coaching. Such as:

  • If you are interested in treating symptoms only, are looking for a quick fix or do not intend to continue good health practices after coaching is complete,  I am not your gal
  • If you feed commercial dog food, aka kibble and you do not plan on feeding a nutritious raw diet  do NOT fill out the application.
  • If you believe using pesticides on and inside your dog (i.e. flea/tick/heartworm prevention) is safe, do NOT fill out the application.

There are also some conditions that don't make for a good fit:

  •  Dogs who have been on drugs long term, such as anti inflammatories, antibiotics, medicated creams, shampoos etc. In this case, a good homeopathic vet would be a better fit.
  •  Dogs with autoimmune disorders depending on the severity. In this case, a good homeopathic vet would be a better fit.

Not only do I want you to be 100% satisfied - I want to be too! Understand that I will become emotionally invested in you and your dog and winning together is the only reason I offer coaching.

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Important Notice

I sell NSP (Nature's Sunshine) herbs and supplements for your dog. While these are strictly tested and made for human consumption, I am the only one in the United States successfully using them for dogs for over a decade now.

To get proper doses for your dog you must purchase through me. I've spent a great deal of time learning the right combinations and doses per weight for your canine kid.