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Why donate for dog health information? Let me count the reasons. First because you’re an awesome person. Sounds like I’m sucking up doesn’t it? I know. But here's the deal.

Back in 2009 when I started this website I had no idea how I was going to make it profitable or even how to cover my costs but I forged ahead because I had a very important message. I still do. To help you help your dogs get healthy, be healthy and stay healthy.

It was hard to go against a system that touts dog health care as crappy mass market foods, over vaccination and drugs that have side effects. I was timid at first. Would anyone believe me?

Yes. Each month more of you find me and many of you have needed help with dog health issues. It has been a pleasure to help you; even on holidays when before rushing out the door I am compelled to check for any emergencies. Why do I do that? Because it matters to me. You and your dogs matter to me. Anyone who has loved a dog understands how irreplaceable they are.

There are good days and bad. Like the woman who could not get her dog to a vet when he was severely dehydrated and I explained how she could rehydrate using what I had learned through Dr. Marty Goldstein. She said I’d saved her dog’s life.

Other days I meet someone who finds me too late and I cry along with them; try to comfort them and help them prepare for seeing their best friend off to Rainbow Bridge.

How to Help Me Help Others

And now I’m here to ask for your help so I can keep this website going and keep answering your questions every single day.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Donate whatever you are comfortable giving.
  • Buy one of my books whether it’s about dog health or women’s humor. Then I encourage you to talk about me behind my back.
  • Like any of my pages or my website by clicking on the Facebook Like button or G+ button. Share them. Talk about me some more, even to my face.
  • Buy Nature's Sunshine products through me for your dog. Use them to replace toxic heartworm preventatives at least. There's even great products for you.

Know that I only promote things I find valuable and that whatever you chose to do to help is honestly and deeply appreciated.

Hugs for you and your dogs,


P.S. Why are you the most awesome? Because you love your dog too.

Here’s Bonz. We both had some pretty horrendous things happen in our life but we gave each other strength. Hand in paw we faced it together until his vaccine induced cancer made us say our goodbyes.

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