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Have you subscribed to my dog health newsletter yet? I advocate dog health through whole foods, supplements and exercise. Sound familiar? Like us, our canines deserve the best.

It's a far better approach than disease management and many health problems can be cured while boosting the immune system.

At 2, my son was expected to use drugs for life. Had I not found it was a simple food problem he would not be the active healthy man he is now (here with Lulu) The same thing happens to dogs every day

Honestly, healthy dogs don't need drugs and since all drugs have side effects and damage the immune system, I want to help you get your dog out, or keep him out, of that vicious cycle.

I do not promote supplements like others promote drugs. Very few fall into the "one size fits all" category.

If you are health conscious and know the power of nutrition and want the same for your dog, I'm here to help you.

If you want to understand the power of nutrition, I'm here to help you too.

If you're tired of all the conflicting information you're getting, I'll help put you at ease.

Whether you feed raw or commercial dog food, I'll help you improve it.

As we've become more health conscious for our canines, dog supplements are everywhere but that doesn't make them good.

The Problem with Supplements

Mixing and matching products isn't always good. Some things detoxify and some things build. Doing them together could be a total waste at best.

And some are dangerous.

Let's use the superfood spirulina as an example. This  blue green algae is absolutely brimming with goodness unless...

The water it's grown in contains heavy metals such as mercury or lead. (Which happens far more often than people realize.) Spirulina algae will absorb the metals and slowly poison your dog while showing symptoms for something else entirely.

My favorite pic of Bonz with me

When I became a dog health coach I decided to use a trustworthy company which tests ALL its supplements and sells for human consumption.


Because anything sold for dogs only made me very uncomfortable.

I feel so blessed for the improved health of my dogs over the years that I want to pass it on. Why should it take you 20, 30 or 40 years to figure out what I did?

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Now what do I need from you? The willingness to read, learn and implement. Your dog will be glad you did and so will you.

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