Dog Health Problems Survey Results

An interesting look at the dog health problems survey and what it means. It was called Your Biggest Dog Health Challenge. For us it spoke volumes and makes perfect sense of the health challenges our dogs face overall. Have a listen.

How we look at and treat disease could make all the difference in the world.

It's not something always nipping at our dogs ready to attack.

By the way, speaking of nipping, this picture is my Grand-dog Sofie and her cat brother Joey when she was a pup. Sofie is Pomeranian and now 14 years old. If you've never had a Pom, they always seem to believe they rule the roost.

Why We Have so Many Dog Health Problems

I think the crux of the problem overall is that science has studied disease instead of health. Let me repeat that.  Disease has been studied for decades, yet health has not.

Yet the most important thing to realize is that disease is rarely a problem if a body is in a state of health. Seems to me  we got the cart ahead of the horse here.  If we see the cart as health,  that horse should not be chasing the cart.  It will wear him out before he ever catches up. 

In other words, disease care is not health care. If it were, our dogs would not continue to get problems that get bigger and badder (I know that's bad grammar but it makes more sense to me to say it that way.)

And that my friend is why  prevention and holistic care has been gaining popularity. I promise, I'm not the first person to get this.

I understand this on a very personal level. Take one look at me and you can see I'm old enough to have had many dogs and I have. For years I followed the disease care protocol and loved my vets. In hind sight it's very clear that the more often one of my dogs visited the vet, the more he had to visit the vet. It's not the vet's fault. He/she is trained in disease care and when I asked about nutrition I was always just told to get a good kibble. That didn't seem to make a large impact but I went on and on thinking it was my only choice.

After treating my family holistically and nutritionally for a long time, I finally came to the embarrassing realization my dogs needs were no different. Had I been living in a cave or did I just have my head in the sand?

Maybe I was just a queen of denial.

Are you?

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