Dog Healthcare and the
Do-Nothing Approach

In this special dog healthcare tips short for Dog Talk Tuesday we're going to give you the do-nothing approach. What is it and how exactly can nothing improve your dog's health?

Sometimes doing nothing is just what you need

I hope this gives you a chuckle like it did us because sometimes nothing is awesome.

Real, natural, lifelong, dog health is far easier than most people believe.

What Was That Do Nothing Approach for Dog Healthcare Again?

It's called doing nothing. To truly do nothing means to stop doing all that "just in case" and "what if" stuff because it takes a toll.

The woman Sandra talked about found out first hand how much doing nothing helped her dog. She stopped using all those things that interfered with the natural ability all dog's bodies have to right themselves and get healthier.

Seriously ask yourself these questions. . .

What if my dog got a flea?

What if my dog got a tick?

What if my dog caught a cold?

And then ask yourself if prevention (that doesn't always prevent) is worth all those side effects that go on unseen inside your baby while overworking her organs while they try to make sense of the bombardment of chemicals that are so hard to cope with. And KNOW that the longer her liver and kidneys try to cope with that stuff, the harder it gets, the weaker she becomes and more and more "problems" begin cropping up.

And that is the beauty of doing Nothing

You can avoid so many problems and your dog's health will naturally improve. Ta-dah!

Want to use the do-nothing approach while still doing something? I've got you covered. I'll share with you what I do in addition to that approach for my Lulu.

Have you seen this page before? It's called the Best Dog Supplements but I actually take them along with my girl. After all, I enjoy feeling my best too. Besides it would be ridiculous to sell you something we don't use in our house now wouldn't it?

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