Dog Hepatitis
and Canine Liver Problems

What is dog hepatitis? Inflammation of the liver which can be caused by viruses, medications or toxic agents such as ...vaccines. So, why do we vaccinate against it? Good question.

(African Boerboel Dog)

African Boerboel Dog

Canine hepatitis is said to be a viral form brought on by the adenovirus. Dogs are vaccinated against the adenovirus in their core vaccines at least 3 times when once is actually more protective. (see Adenovirus)

I'll do my best not to stay up on my soapbox on the subject but honestly I'm sick and tired of the whole vaccine controversy. I mean its a controversy in my mind. Hundreds and thousands of well meaning folks are paying to give their dogs long term illness by over vaccinating.  Ask your vet when the last time he treated dog hepatitis brought on by the Adenovirus. Maybe never.

At this point we should be far more worried about the vaccine than the disease. The disease is rare. Plus it can be successfully treated with antibiotics, herbal remedies or homeopathy, so what's the problem? Especially when each and every time a dog is vaccinated,  that vaccine has the ability to kill him or cause serious harm.

As I step down from my soapbox I just want to say that I'd rather treat the disease than the side effects, especially if cancer is one of them.

Other Causes of Canine Liver Disease

Here's what the Goldsteins' have to say about dog liver problems in their 2005 book Wellness & Longevity Program:

Manufacturers and government regulatory agencies want you to believe that the levels of chemical additives and preservatives in pet foods are too low to cause liver problems. They fail to tell you,however, that the effects of daily exposure at the level of the liver cells are cumulative, and daily intake increases the load of free radicals. Common causes of free radical production include exposure to toxins in dog food and the environment, and the chronic use of medication and repeated annual vaccinations.

Removal of the inciting causes, coupled with remedies to reduce inflammation, will help to restore liver health and prevent future disease.

What this means is the liver can be rejuvenated through a healthy diet, stopping vaccinations and using either herbal or homeopathic remedies. It takes time but well worth it. By the way, if your dog does have liver problems I can help. I'll give you a grueling set of questions and we'll figure out the best way to rebuild.

What the Liver Does

I'm sorry that this is one of the most boring pages I've ever written but let's finish up.

The liver may be the most important organ of the body. It is involved in innumerable processes, including; the manufacture of blood proteins, fats, and the proteins responsible for blood clotting; storage of energy (as glycogen) for production of blood sugar as needed by the body; storage of the fat-soluble vitamins and iron; the detoxification of drugs, chemicals, and other unusable substances; the inactivation of hormones no longer needed, and the secretion of bile and other factors necessary for proper digestion.

As if these tasks were not enough to keep it busy, the liver also must filter blood coming from the digestive tract to keep potentially harmful bacteria from reaching other parts of the body. It is the organ that prepares toxic material and waste products for subsequent elimination by the kidneys.

Obviously, we don't want it falling down on the job right?

If you're facing dog hepatitis or liver problems, please find a way to treat naturally since more drugs will not help anything. And if you decide to self treat, remember this: Begin to rebuild BEFORE you detoxify because sometimes the detoxification can be too much, too fast, for the body to handle.

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