Thoughts on Dog Kibble
and Healthy Foods for Dogs

What do you know about dog kibble? Is it really healthy or might it be toxic food for dogs? Sadly, my experience is the latter so I’ll share some thoughts about nutrition and slick advertising.

I'd like to kick myself in the butt for feeding only dry dog food to my dogs for so many years.

I'm talking about the high profile commercial dog food and its manufacturers who spend millions coaxing us to buy their products via their television advertising.

What a load of garbage. The least I could have done was add real food to it.

In hindsight, I know I would have saved thousands of dollars on vet bills and saved my dogs from flaky skin, hot spots, itching, scratching, lumps, bumps, tumors, side affects from drugs (given to alleviate the horrible itching etc.) and a shortened life span.

Even once I knew the truth, it took me a year of transitioning to stop buying the stuff. Why? I am well trained from a lifetime of commercials showing healthy dogs playing and then diving into a bowl of the advertised food.

Even though it didn't make sense that a hard brown nugget was healthier than meat, vegetables and quality grains, they had me. I was afraid of ruining my dogs' health. I also thought it more convenient and much cheaper than making my own. And let's not forget habit.

Heaven knows it's so much easier to throw a bag of dog kibble in the grocery cart than shopping for them like the rest of us. Meat, rice, beans, veggies, bones and vitamins.

I am smarter now. Whenever that old commercial where the dog hears his owner pour dog kibble in his bowl and runs and slides across the kitchen floor saying, "Kibbles and Bits! Kibbles and Bits!" I replace those words in my head to say, "Candy and Cake! Candy and Cake!" since I can't make "Waste Products and Floor Sweepings" or "Synthetic Flavors and Corn Syrup" sound right.

For a free pamphlet about ingredients in dry and canned dog foods, you can download this free pamphlet from dog food . It's quite an education.

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So are you still conditioned like one of Pavlov's dogs? (Famous for his research on stimulus response) Do you see a happy healthy dog having a wonderful time playing or running toward her owner and feel happy? Just as you get to that peak "Ah" state, they switch to a picture of the dog food to transfer your feelings to the product.

If it's still working on you, read the label and see if you recognize any of the ingredients as real food.

For an example of a very good dog kibble, read about one I researched at The Best Dry Dog Food.

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