Dog Not Eating?

A dog not eating might be a good thing so don't panic. Here's what you should know.

Mother Nature is a smart gal.

The simplicity of a dog not eating is this.

It's an age old method of healing.

I'll explain in a second. First here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself before you run to the vet or entice your four legged baby with goodies. . .

Is she so thin that missing a meal might hurt her?

Has she been recently vaccinated?

Has she recently had flea, tick or heartworm meds?

The second 2 questions are both things with obvious toxins that hurt the body but there are many possibilities we cannot see.

Why a Dog Not Eating May be a Blessing

The hardest thing the body has to do is digest. In fact it takes so much energy out of the body that missing a few meals should happen a few times a week.

Not eating, or fasting, is a form of body cleansing which actually makes the body stronger.  As long as your dog is still drinking water he's probably simply relying on Mother Nature.

This gives the body a chance to catch up.


The body constantly eliminates waste products, along with any tainted or toxic materials that were consumed. Fasting greatly reduces the body's usual assimilation and elimination load, allowing it to break down and expel older wastes that may have accumulated in the liver and fatty tissues. The body also gets a chance to unload the products of inflammation, tumors, and abscesses. Once the body has cleaned itself, the overworked glands, organs and cells can repair and restore themselves.

The bottom line is, unless your dog is very thin don’t push it. Water is far more important.

Besides, it’s kind of like flushing a toilet. The more water the dog drinks the easier for the body to get all that bad stuff out of there.

If my dog were to become sick, I would feed her little or no solids at all. Instead I would give her nutrition in liquid form which is easier to digest and allow the healing process to continue.

There's a great recipe for bone broth. If done correctly (it takes time) it will nourish your dog and be far easier on the body than food. You can find the best one at Dog Nutrition Naturally.

At the end of a fast, reintroduce food slowly. If the fast has been just a day or two, the following day feed half liquid and half a light meal. If longer than two days, reintroduce food a little slower.

Just remember, if your dog won't eat, he or she probably knows what they're doing.

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