3 Steps to Live Easier with
Dog Pancreatitis

If dog pancreatitis has called on your canine more than once, I can help. While no one seems to know for sure it's cause; diet, fasting and two remedies will help immensely.

An inflamed pancreas is a food provoked condition.

Triggers for a pancreatic attack are often an overindulgence in rich fatty foods or even a successful raid of the garbage can.

Since the pancreas is overburdened and swollen, it leaches enzymes into the abdomen instead of using them for digestion.

The body needs those enzymes to do its job. Without them, the belly becomes distended and painful. 

Step 1 for Dog Pancreatitis

My first suggestion for dog pancreatitis is the same suggestion I make to improve every dog's health.

Switch to raw! The right raw foods are easier to digest, put less strain on the body and improve overall health. I'll give you a link to some of my free raw dog food recipes at the bottom.

Step 2 for Canine Pancreatitis

Fast one day each week.

Also if there is an episode stop feeding him for 12 to 24 hours to give that pancreas and the intestines a little vacation.

If there is still vomiting after drinking water, take the water away for a while  but do the dog dehydration test to keep on top of it.

Of course your dog needs water but if he's throwing up constantly he could lose more than he drinks.

Since severe dehydration will damage the organs, your vet can give him an IV with fluids and electrolytes.(I know you know this one but I still felt I had to say it.)

Keep in mind, when reintroducing food, feed small mini meals several times a day to reduce stress on that tired pancreas.  If any vomiting or diarrhea occur, cut back food again.

Step 3 - Natural Help for Dog Pancreatitis

Use these two natural helpers.

Give patented Liquid Silver Shield on an empty stomach. This will reduce inflammation without the use of corticosteroids (which have some nasty side effects) and also kill bacteria (without antibiotics or their side effects.)

Target P14 contains 14 herbs to support pancreatic function, maintain blood sugar levels and the function of B vitamins. (Remember pancreatic malfunction leads to diabetes).

When reintroducing food, feed small mini meals several times a day to reduce stress on that tired pancreas.  If any vomiting or diarrhea occur, cut back food again.

 The guidance for dog pancreatitis came from my friend Sandra King from Dog Nutrition Naturally who used both the Silver Shield and Target P14 for her dog Jack. (Along with a raw diet of only meat, organ meat, bones, eggs and offal.) And sweet Jack passed away just before his 20th birthday.

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