The Secret Behind Dog Skin Disorders 

The truth behind nearly all dog skin disorders doesn't have anything to do with using the right salves, ointments or medications. It's something else.

* * *

While giving Lulu her nightly belly rub, I was appreciating her flawless skin and shiny coat.

Her appreciative grunting brought back memories.

All of a sudden guilt flooded me. This hadn't been the case for any of my past dogs.

When my dogs scratched, I just considered it part of being a dog. You know, that scratching behind the ear or maybe on the shoulder that made the dog thump-thump-thump with his back leg?

As long as there was no lumps, bumps or bleeding, I considered it simply part of the daily routine.

Lulu doesn't scratch.

Then there were other little things I used to take for granted. Many of my dogs (we're talking in over a span of thirty years) had bumps on their chins. We didn't think of them as a dog skin disorder because they never got infected or seemed be bothersome.

The best way to describe them would be big pimples filled with pus and blood.

We guessed it was from always having their faces in the food or water bowl so that it was caused by one of those two things. Just part of life with dogs.

What else?

One of my dogs had very little belly fur and we could see  what looked like blackheads all over her entire belly. If you squeezed them, it looked like oily dirt coming out. Again, it didn't bother her so we shrugged our shoulders and didn't worry about it.

There were also occasional rashes or lumps and bumps that sometimes emptied if squeezed. Some didn't. And the ugliest of all? Those unsightly fatty tumors.

* * *

I'm sure there are more I could describe and many have a name. We're good at that aren't we? We look online by describing them to find out what they are. Or we might just look up dog skin disorders.

Giving them a name gives them an identity. Once they have an identity, it gives us the will to fight them, kill them, destroy them.

Ah, but what if we've got it wrong? I know I did for a long time.

The Truth Behind Dog Skin Disorders

What they have in common is that they are only symptoms of an underlying condition. We've gotten so used to medical practitioners we see the word disease and forget it's really dis-ease within the body.

The body performs miracles every day unseen at the cellular level. And it has ways to rid itself of things that harm it.

A body can try to poop out the problem; vomit up the problem;  but for an ongoing, reoccurring problem, the body excretes what's bothering it THROUGH THE SKIN.

And that's the big secret

* * *

And treating the symptoms never cures the real problem.

I'm grateful Lulu doesn't have any of these kind of issues like my previous dogs and I'm grateful I know where they often come from and how to avoid them.

It's about time. Taking over 30 years to figure it out was kind of embarrassing but better late than never.

I was just listening to the wrong advice.

Healing & Preventing Dog Skin Disorders

So why does Lulu have such soft, blemish free skin without fatty tumors at a decade or so old of age?

First of all, she is the first dog of mine that has been on a raw homemade diet most of her life. That means she gets nutritious food every day without the toxins that nearly ALL commercial dog foods have.

And there's one more secret. I now understand the importance of supporting her body with specific herbs to aide in digestion and support the organs who's job it is to detoxify the body.

By helping her body by cleansing the liver gently, keeps it strong, healthy and able to do it's job without giving up and sending toxins out through the skin.

I feel so blessed.

Dog skin disorders are just a memory now, like so many dog health problems I thought were part of having dogs.

* * *

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