Dog Skin Yeast Infection

A dog skin yeast infection is likely the worst thing you and your dog will ever have to face because it's far more than skin deep.

We tend to think that a problem of the skin is only in the skin but that's not the case. The truth is all skin disorders are literally a window to what is going on inside your pooch.

This is my granddog Sofie. She does not have a yeast infection but she's here because small dogs seem to have a harder time. I didn't want to scare you with pictures and honestly folks who deal with this do not want pictures of their dogs shown to anyone because they think they are to blame.

I have put off writing this page for years and still people find me and ask for help.

I've seen everything from speckled rashy bellies or pimply pustules to  swollen, blackened skinned, nearly hairless body parts on dogs who constantly itch, lick and scratch creating secondary bacterial infections.

And the more antibiotics used, the worse it gets.

I'm now convinced the best way to combat this yeast beast has to be done in stages. Let me be perfectly clear . . .

Getting Over Dog Skin Yeast Infections Can Take Years

There, I said it so if you don't like it you can go somewhere else. I kid you not, I don't want you to start something you're not going to see through.

A truly healthy dog cannot have yeast overgrowth because it's on the inside ruining digestion and the immune system.  Here are the top things I believe promote yeast by either feeding it or killing the things inside your dog's body that would keep the yeast under control by the body itself.

  • Commercial dog foods, particularly kibble
  • Antibiotics
  • Antifungals
  • Medicated Shampoos

You can look up the details by doing a page search on this website. You might start with antibiotic side effects. This page is about the steps to take.

Going through the process too fast can put the body into a miserable state of physical stress.

Step One: The Yeast Starvation Process

Get the grains (including rice) , potatoes, pumpkin, green beans, and all other starches out of his diet to stop feeding the yeast. What does that leave? What a dog was meant to eat!

Raw meat, organs and bones. 

Learn about that at my raw dog food recipe page. It's so easy.

If you're one of those who needs to know it all before transitioning to raw, take my course so you understand all the options for creating your own yummy raw from mixing ground meats to plating entrees with things from eggs, sardines, tripe, kidney, liver all the way to chicken feet and pork tootsies. The picture is an example from the course. Seriously, I'm so good at throwing stuff in a bowl and you will be too!

Step Two: Gearing Up

Next we start strengthening the body to get it ready. Like I said, the immune system is now compromised along with the gut. Plus there is waste from the yeast floating in the bloodstream. ( All living things create waste so think poop here plus there will be some yeast die off from starving it) The liver gets overworked trying to get rid of the stuff so we're going to help it. Here's what you'll need:

Shield w/Aqua Sol  -   (Stock # 21488)
A patented testing product that will take care of bacterial infections, help kill the fungus, and aid inflammation (swelling) without antibiotics and their side effects. And you can guess that all that licking, scratching and chewing will at some point cause infection. I love this stuff and always have the biggest bottle in the cupboard. Comes in handy for a myriad of things for both Lulu and I. Good grief, I even helped my daughter's hamster with a drop of the stuff.

Colostrum -  ( Stock # 1828 )
A compromised immune system should not be boosted because of the stress from yeast. Rather immune balancing is in order and colostrum fits the bill nicely. This lovely variety can be given every day for life.  My Lulu thinks it's candy so don't tell her it's good for her.

NutriBiome Bacillus Coagulans Probiotics - (Stock # 6109-3)

A strain of friendly probiotic that is naturally heat-stable. It can also more readily withstand the stomach's acidic environment, thereby better providing targeted support to the intestine and maintaining balance in the microbiome. Here's what it does:

  • Helps digestive upset like diarrhea, gas and bloating
  • Supports gastrointestinal health
  • Helps support healthy detoxification
  • Helps support the immune system
  • Contains prebiotic fiber conducive to the growth of the good stuff

Protease Plus - ( Stock # 1841-7 )

Here we have enzymes to give between meals so they can digest foreign proteins in the blood (yeast cell die off is considered protein). Undigested proteins have been linked to a variety of health concerns, including allergies. Often, these undigested proteins result in a false positive, when allergy testing. Again we are strengthening the immune system with this product.

Nature's Fresh Enzyme Spray - ( Stock # P95044 )

Don't let this product description fool you. The enzymes go to work from the surface when sprayed on and rubbed in. The skin is the the largest body organ and absorbs what you put on it. 

To purchase these products and get the correct doses for your dog, order them through the Nature's Sunshine website. The link opens in a new window (best for computers rather than phones) so you can copy and paste  ALL FIVE PRODUCTS. Yes, you must have them all. When you get to NSP's checkout, be sure to JOIN  FOR FREE AS A MEMBER so you get the discounted price I pay. When they email your receipt it will have my personal email address on it. You can email me or wait 24 hours or so for me to email you once I see you ordered. That's when I'll give you the correct doses for your dog based on weight, age and breed.

What About Step Three for Dog Skin Yeast Infection?

If you go too fast killing the yeast and detoxing the body, the results are often more than you and your dog can stand so  I want to be sure you go through the first two before I give you the third step. I am serious about this because I don't want your dog to suffer more than necessary. You see, once you stop using  those things that were stopping the symptoms, all hell breaks loose. Here are a couple examples and I'm going to keep them small because they aren't pretty.  These are miserable babies with systemic dog skin yeast infections.

Bottom line? Slow and steady improves health and wins the race.

Remember a dog skin yeast infection is only the part you can see and there is always more than meets the eye.

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