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Before I get to the top 20 dog symptoms of illness and canine health problems let’s get perspective on drugs that relieve symptoms vs  natural remedies for dogs with this personal story.

I was married to a man for 18 years who popped a couple Excedrin aspirin every time he felt the slightest discomfort. 

After 10 years of drinking coffee all day, he decided it wasn't good for his health. He switched to herbal tea.

Sounds good right?

The problem was that his body gave him headaches while it was trying to detox from caffeine. Know how he fixed the symptoms of withdrawal? By taking more aspirin! Two extra strength Excedrin several times a day.

I suggested he read the label on the bottle because caffeine was one of the ingredients.

He pooh-poohed me and ten years later after cancer surgery, the doctor told him to stop taking aspirin because of it's side effects. He didn't.

Several years after that, he fell and shattered his leg. The doctors told him he MUST stop taking aspirin because, among other things, his blood was dangerously thin. Since then there have been other problems and he's not even old.

Unfortunately it never occurred to him he might be feeling worse now because of his desire for a quick fix all those years.

* * *

Now let's talk about dog symptoms. What are they? A message from the body there is a problem to resolve.

The body, whether dog or man is a marvelous creation that self heals whenever possible. Now let's look at some dog symptoms and what they are trying to tell us.

Each of the underlined words or phrases are links to pages on this website where you can learn more.  At the end of this page I'm going to share what I believe is at the core of nearly all dog symptoms and illnesses I have seen through my contacts the past several years.

Dog Symptoms and Canine Health Problems

Let's start with a fever in dogs. There is a very good reason for a fever so find out what its healing power is and when to step in. And what if your dog  has a fever and won't eat?

While not eating may upset you, it really means he's listening to his body and that's a good thing. Fasting for health is a way to cure dog illness and the oldest of natural remedies for dogs there is.

As long as he's drinking water or nutritious fluids he can begin the self healing process. Our job is to keep an eye on him and check for dog dehydration. Note: If he becomes weak from dehydration and you can't get him to the vet, there is an emergency treatment you can do at home.

The quickest ways dogs become dehydrated are from both vomiting and diarrhea. As for vomiting, be sure you know the difference between the body needing to purge the food and the actual dog illness symptom of vomiting.

Dog diarrhea is never easy to deal with. It smells horrible, looks horrible and may even be slimy. The worst and most frightening kind of dog diarrhea is bloody diarrhea, so we better talk about it. If you see blood in diarrhea for more than a day, you absolutely must step in.

I will share the most common dog diseases related to vomiting and diarrhea on those pages.

Just thought of something I may not have mentioned on those pages. Parvo symptoms. While the parvo virus isn't deadly itself, it is the dehydration caused by it that can make it lethal. It can also be caused by the vaccine.

Mucus is one of those dog symptoms that may be temporary from something viral because mucus is formed as a way to protect the body. However, if there is mucus on dog poop repeatedly please know this is serious business where the immune system is not strong enough to self heal. Natural dog remedies can help the body heal or drugs can stop the symptoms. It will be your choice. 

Repeated mucus, especially in diarrhea let's us know there is inflammation in the intestines. Dog swelling, or inflammation is actually the first sign of a body trying to self heal which I find fascinating but it's too long to write about here so click over to the Cause of Inflammation.

Sometimes the cause of inflammation is from a bacterial source. Even though this isn't a symptom I'd like you to know more about the use of canine antibiotics.

Sometimes they are absolutely necessary but it's important to know what to do afterward to help your dog. Dog antibiotic side effects are good to know because they can be dog symptoms as well. Plus I'm pretty sure I tell you about a natural antibiotic on one of those pages that has worked really well for my dogs and my family. Love the stuff.

The last of the big ones is probably the symptoms of canine diabetes. This dog illness seems to be getting more and more common and there is actually a chance of curing it with food and specific remedies if caught early.

Keep in mind that all dog symptoms tell us something and while some things may seem small we have to see the body as a whole machine whose parts must all be working well for dog health.

Here are some sneaky dog illness symptoms we should pay attention to. I mean who thinks much about a dog eye discharge? Normally you just keep wiping the dogs eyes and forget about it right? Ah, but sometimes the eyes are only the path of something toxic the body is trying to get out. But what?

Usually we're told it's just an allergy. But what causes allergies in dogs? If your dog has allergies, they might actually be side effects. Side effects of what? Check out My Dog Has Allergies.

After that we can talk about Curing Allergies. After all this website isn't just to tell you where stuff is coming from. I'm here to help you solve your canine health problems.

Have you ever had a problem with dog yeast ear infections? Here's a good example of something that doesn't seem so big (although very annoying) that is actually a symptom that could lead to long term dog illness if you don't understand the underlying issue which in part keeps your dog from absorbing dog food nutrition.

In fact that brings to mind Dog Ear Hematoma. If that ear flap fills with blood, where do you think it comes from. Let's talk about the physical and underlying cause and what you might try to fix it.

And now for the last of the dog symptoms for now we have dog farting.   Flatulence usually makes us giggle (unless it smells really bad.) Who the heck is going to think that it is a symptom of anything right? Well it most certainly is.

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