Dog Talk Tuesday

I'm excited. I'm going to add something to the website called Dog Talk Tuesday.  What is it? Candid conversations with dog health coach Sandra King so you can learn  health from the inside out.

Sandra and I are both health coaches with a huge soft spot for dogs and between us we have more than a few decades of learning and experience.

So what is Dog Talk Tuesday all about?

It's another way to reach out and teach health from the inside out. 

No matter how healthy someone looks on the outside, it may have nothing to do with how they function on the inside. Yet there are clues and there are certainly ways to strengthen the body, just as there are ways to weaken it. We want you to know what those things are.

While we both use and promote Nature's Sunshine Products (those tested for purity and potency people products); we both stress the most important thing for everyone and everything on earth is nutrition.  So whether you ever buy anything from us or not, you can still work on your dog's health with our tips.

Join us and share our videos with others.

And of course, when Sandra can't join me, I'll still be here talking dog (:  After all, the name of the game is real natural health from the inside out.

Why Dog Talk Tuesday Video Conversations?

Sometimes it's just easier to listen to a video than read and since dog health is my passion, I'm going to do whatever it takes to help you get the information that will help you help your dog so he or she can be a part of your life as long as possible.

Each week will be a topic we've been asked about. After our introduction video, and the interview video, we'll start with questions we've been asked repeatedly.

If you have a topic you want us to talk about or a specific question you would like to know more about, just ask. As a newsletter subscriber, all you have to do is reply to a newsletter and let me know what's bugging you, or what you question or what you'd like more clarity on.

It's why we're here.

Here's our introduction video:

And now for fun,  what is it like being us? What is it like being a dog heath coach and dealing with helping individuals overcome health challenges. Sandra interviewed me about this not long ago and I posted it on the Three Little Pitties You Tube Channel. Here it is.

Each week I'll post the newest video here:

    Episode #3 - What is Stress and how is it related to dog health?

     Episode #4 - Physical Stress   Where does it come from and how does it cause disease?

     Episode #5 - What IS That Ugly Yellowish Sticky Vomit? (And why isn't it  a sign of illness?)

   Episode #6 - How you emotionally react has an effect  not only  your health, but your dog's      health as well. Emotional stress

    Episode #7 - Shall we talk about the dreaded FLEA? You bet. In this dog talk we  want to make   sure you're making an informed decision for flea prevention and what your options are.  We also talk about heartworm meds here so check it out.

    Episode #8 -  Your turn to talk and tell me how best I can help you! Check it out and see if you can still get your two cents in at Questions About Dog Health

   Episode #9 -  Our very first Q & A. How fun. What do you think are the best supplements for your dog? Let's see if we agree. Check out the question and answer

Episode #10 - The healing process.  Today we'll use a basic example we all understand because what you see on the outside must also happen on the inside if the body is to overcome any and all health challenges.

   Episode #11 - A  look at the dog health problems survey results current totals because the questions have an interesting pattern. 

Episode #12 -  Any idea how many nasty health problems are a result of chronic inflammation?  It's not pretty and prevention of those health problems is far easier. Plus it prevents pain. Who needs pain?

Episode #13 - Clean Dog Teeth. Why some dogs never need their teeth cleaned; what causes bacteria and tarter build up in the mouth causing not only tarter but periodontal disease and how to prevent some of those side effects of professional teeth cleaning.

Interjection: I thought that little dog on the phone was so cute I bought the picture but it's getting boring so I'll start using photos of my friends...

Episode #14 - Dog Food Nutrition. Sounds simple enough but many dog loving parents miss the mark. In this Dog  Talk Tuesday,  among other things we note that added vitamins and minerals are less important that whole foods because the body may not be able to use them.

Episode #15 - Herbs for Dogs -  This day we talked about supplements and why we only use NSP. Seriously it isn't just because they spend millions on testing, we seriously believe they have superior products we can rely on. Made for humans and a handful of us know to use them for dogs. Aren't we smart?

Episode #16 - Working solo this Tuesday, I have a few things to say about Dog Toothpaste and it isn't pretty. Whether you brush or not, there is still value in understanding how things are made for both our dogs and for us! Check it out.

Episode #17 - Amazingly, one of the biggest causes of tarter also causes ill health in your dog. What is it? Listen to Dog Teeth Tarter and find out.

Episode #18 - What is the first superfood every mammal gets? In the first of our 3 part series of super supplements we're going to talk about using it again and why it works so well. Find out what is so awesome about colostrum and how it supports health in a different way that benefits all dogs - Even those with immune system problems.

Episode #19 - In the second of our super supplements series, here is one that benefits everyone. Share it with your dog. I do.  It's time to talk about the magic of enzymes. Of course I only use NSP enzymes but knowing WHEN to take them make a difference in what they do so don't miss this one!

Episode #20 -  Aha! Dog Talk Tuesday's  last of the 3-part series on super supplements! Time to discuss probiotics. They've become BIG business and yet some are useless, some are dead and surprisingly they differ what they do depending on when ingested.  Come hang out with us for The Power of Probiotics.

Episode #21 -  Omega 3 fatty acids are  ESSENTIAL fats your dog must have (and you too!) Here's the shocker - I'd rather my Lulu get this one from foods but what foods do I serve and suggest for your canine kids?

* * *

And now I need to explain something. Sometimes I'm going to do a dog talk on the things you SHOULD BE asking because it's all about dog health from the inside out and how to get there.

So, my topics won't always rate in Google's Eyes as important - meaning they won't get listed by that giant search engine - but I'm going to write about them anyway. I didn't start this back in 2009 for a popularity pole. I began with a purpose to create understanding and I won't stop now.

That means the only way to get through to the folks that need me is for YOU to share my pages.

It's the only way to make a difference.

* * *

Episode #22 - The sad truth about vaccine side effects when overvaccinating little dogs can be devastating yet it's usually blamed on something else.

Episode #23 - Why does Dog Poop Stink? Do you know it doesn't have to? In fact it really shouldn't have much odor at all when a dog is healthy. Shocker huh?

Episode #24 - Fatty Tumors could be a blessing in disguise if they cause you to wake up and see what's brewing inside your canine kid. Harmless? Really? Then why are they there?

Episode #25 - Fasting is not starving and actually has health benefits you should not overlook. In this Dog Talk, learn about semi fasting because it's easy and your dog won't be giving you the sad eye treatment. (no video this week)

Episode #26 - Fiber for Dogs. Surprise! Dogs need a totally different kind of fiber than we do and it will help them thrive! Sandra gives it to us straight in today's Dog Talk.

Episode #27 - Time to talk egg. Should you worry about salmonella? Learn things you never knew about eggs in this Dog Talk Tuesday like what really happens before you buy them and whether you should add them to your dog's dish.

Episode #28 - Vaccine MALPRACTICE - If you don't know when it is highly dangerous for your dog to be vaccinated, I am so sorry because the effects can be devastating. I've seen it over and over. PLEASE WATCH/READ THIS ONE and share the heck out of it. I have no clue why vets ignore the warning.

Episode #29 - My Dog Ate Chocolate and Lived - Just me this time because the Holidays are coming and I want to be sure you know what is no big deal, what you should freak out over and how to prepare yourself in case of an emergency.

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Important Notice

I sell NSP (Nature's Sunshine) herbs and supplements for your dog. While these are strictly tested and made for human consumption, I am the only one in the United States successfully using them for dogs for over a decade now.

To get proper doses for your dog you must purchase through me. I've spent a great deal of time learning the right combinations and doses per weight for your canine kid.


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