Dog Vaccination Schedule
Out with the old and in with the New

Dog Vaccination Schedule? Never before 14 weeks !

Did you know there is more than one dog vaccination schedule? Let's look at the old and the new and why shots for dogs have changed.

The truth is the dog vaccine schedule has changed more than once the past ten years that I've followed it and I'm thrilled with the newest. The problem? Most vets are still stuck in the old regime. The old mindset of too many, too often and too early for puppies immune systems.

"So what?" you say, "As long as they are protected, who cares?"

Aha! But the reason it's changed is after 40 years of studying canine vaccines, it turns out we were wrong, wrong, wrong so please read this entire page.

* * *

Let's look at the traditional puppy shot schedule for the core vaccination of Parvo/Distemper/Adenovirus. Your vet may still use this one:

  • One dose at 6-8 weeks.
  • One dose at 9-11 weeks
  • One dose at 12-14 weeks
  • One dose yearly thereafter for life, which some vets are now changing to once every 3 years.

* * *

Vets know there is an individual time line for each puppy when the immunity from their mother wears off and if vaccines are given before that time it will be blocked as if it were the disease, so they got in the habit of revaccinating, which turns out to be over vaccinating.

By repeating puppy shots to get in that window, we stress their body beyond reason and sometimes create the disease we're supposed to be protecting against. What a mess, and many of our pups have paid the price. (See vaccine side effects and try not to cry.)

Not only that, it turned out the Parvo Virus vaccine was blocking the Canine Distemper vaccine.

* * *

Robert S. Goldstein, V.M.D. in his book, The Goldsteins Wellness and Longevity Program  revised protocol for this core vaccine where it's split. He also added  titer testing which is awesome because its an immunity test.

  • one dose at 9 weeks (Canine Distemper & Canine Adenovirus 2)
  • one dose at 12 weeks (Parvovirus - killed)
  • one dose at 15 weeks (Canine Distemper and C. Adenovirus 2)
  • one dose at 18 weeks (Parvovirus - killed)

If titer test shows low antibody level:

  • one dose at 16 weeks (Canine Distemper & Canine Adenovirus 2)

If titer test shows low antibody level:

  • one dose at 24 months (Parvovirus - killed)

Check antibodies at 5 years to see if followup vaccines are needed.

* * *

Notice he starts nearly 3 weeks later, requires only 2 rounds and still spreads the three out to a total of two years instead of six or seven weeks. Much better. Plus by using titers to check immunity we can now switch to the newest dog vaccination schedule.

What is the ultimate vaccine guideline? You won't believe this, but it's the easiest dog vaccination schedule you'll every see (and the healthiest).

14 weeks or older: ONE each for the life of your dog, except where rabies is mandatory every 3 years. And it's not that rabies doesn't protect for life, it does and just happens to be an antiquated law.

Let me repeat. For any disease you wish your dog to be vaccinated, it takes only once if you wait until at least 14 weeks of age. And of course do not bombard him or her with several at once. After all how would you feel if someone injected 3 to 8 diseases in you at once?

Before you freak out let me tell you, the truth is this. Revaccinating - whether it's yearly or triennially - has zero scientific validity behind it. I wish I'd found Dr. Ronald Shultz years ago because Dr Schultz's work has been accessible for nearly 40 years, and even though two major veterinary associations (AAHA and AVMA) now state that the core vaccines last for at least 5 years. That's a start. I just wanted you to know. As for me, I'll stick to the a healthy homemade dog diet, use a few home remedies when needed and forget the vaccines. I've lost one dog to vaccine side effects and it's not going to happen again.

By the way, kennel cough is not in this equation. Read about it. And what does Dr. Schultz say about this canine cold?

    “Kennel cough is not a vaccinatable disease.”

As the saying goes, we've had the wool pulled over our eyes for far too long. Time to wake up. Our dog's health is at stake so let's say goodbye to the old dog vaccination schedule and remember the new motto. One and done!

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