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When it comes to dog vaccinations, eliminating unnecessary shots will lower the risk of vaccine side effects, save money, and preserve your canine's health long term. 

Here's a video with an overview. Please note the link at the end is for this page. I added it for my You Tube viewers.

The truth is a healthy dog will not be adversely affected by viruses and dog disease because they have a good immune system. Especially those fed a natural unprocessed diet.

An unhealthy dog, is not only more likely to "catch" a disease but is also more likely to have major side effects from vaccines, especially those long term nasty side effects. What do we do?

For years we've been barking up the wrong tree. (Am I funny or what?) We buy mass market dog food, then spend a fortune at the vets trying to cure our dogs with drugs when in fact we're making things worse.

We've fallen victim to high tech for our canines like we have for ourselves. We take drugs, replace organs that wear out or simply cut out problem areas like tonsils, appendixes, the uterus and portions of our intestines.

Good grief! And all the while we have access to what will make or keep us healthy and avoid all that pain and discomfort - whole foods like organic vegetables and fruits, whole unprocessed grains and meats (if you eat meats, and I do) that were not treated with steroids, antibiotics and the like.

Many intelligent people understand this and have for centuries. Look at the quotes in the right column. Hippocrates knew it 2300 years ago! Thomas A. Edison preached it a hundred years ago. Where did we go wrong?

The body can and does cure itself if we treat it right but somehow we have become vaccine junkies and dog vaccinations are the worst!

I remember when I was a kid. This was long before the chicken pox vaccine came out (which I refused to let my kids receive). Chicken pox was simply an expected childhood illness. It came. It went. And some folks had chicken pox parties. This meant getting everyone exposed to get it over with so you'd never have to worry about it again. And we all knew once we had it we became immune.

I tend to feel the same way with my dogs, especially after seeing my own dog develop terminal cancer at the injection site of his rabies vaccination.

Did this Pit Bull deserve to get cancer from a dog vaccination? Of course not!

What if You Believe in Getting Dog Vaccinations?

It turns out that timing is everything and repetition is not.

We now know through researchers like Dr. Schultz, when it comes to dog vaccinations, they often do more harm than good; some are pointless and the dog vaccinations we do choose to give our dogs need only be given once for lifelong immunity. And those given more than once do not increase immunity.

Noted immunologist Dr. Ronald Schultz, has been studying the effectiveness and side effects of vaccines for 40 years. I'll share bits and pieces of what I've read throughout my vaccine pages rather than all at once so I don't fall asleep. (I hate statistics and will endeavor to use as few as possible so you don't fall asleep either.)

By the way, if you don't believe anything without links to all the scientific data, don't bother to read any more. I don't list them. Studies put me to sleep even though I've read them ad nauseum. Go to Dogs Naturally Magazine for that.  What I offer on this website, including information about dog vaccinations, is the culmination of what I've read and my own experience with dogs spanning 30 years.

Ready? We'll start with the core vaccines that begins it all by listing each of the three separately. (I say 3 because the adenovirus is suppose to protect against hepatitis.) First we have dog distemper, canine adenovirus, dog hepatitis and Canine Parvovirus. This combo is usually started at nine weeks of age which is far too early.

The vaccine controversy argues over the effectiveness of vaccines, method of administration, repetition and long range side effects.

The only dog vaccination required by the United States Federal Government is for rabies and that's not really for your dog.

So many dogs are over-vaccinated, it breaks my heart. They are now at greater risk for developing chronic disease. Especially with combination shots, so take a peek at that page.

For a complete list of the affects dog vaccinations have, read vaccine side effects.

And it would be wrong for me to leave out Lyme Disease who's vaccine has created the disease in areas it didn't exist before. I'll share how to prevent it and treat it yourself if it happens...naturally.

If you need to board your dog while you are out of town, a kennel cough vaccine in the form of nasal drops is usually required by the boarding facility. Here's why they do and why it doesn't work.

Here is a revised dog vaccination schedule published in 2005.This one is still overkill (ouch, bad pun) but if your vet vaccinates more than this, either get a new vet or sit down and have a heart to heart with him or her. Don't be afraid to ask your vet questions. You are a team and one that needs to be on the same page!

And last but not least, since we're talking disease there is no dog vaccination for West Nile Virus. I thought I'd bring this up because I've seen questions about our canines contracting this disease. If you are concerned, you can read about the Symptoms of West Nile Virus.

Oh, and before I forget the cool natural stuff, let me explain about titer tests and what a nosode is. And since I mentioned Dogs Naturally Magazine, which is an excellent publication and I wish they'd give me affiliate pay for mentioning them often's an interview I did with the editor. Even I was surprised by some of her answers!

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