My Dog Will Not Eat!

When a dog will not eat it can stem from canine kidney disease, liver problems or inflammatory bowel disease. Before you panic, here is the most common reason for a loss of appetite.

If your dog will not eat there is always a good reason

Your dog is not hungry.

Doesn't that sound silly?

I know, but the truth is missing a meal or two is good for dog health. I'll explain.

Digestion is the hardest thing a body has to do.

If she hasn't burned up the food from the last meal (see below) or your pup is not feeling her best, fasting for health is the best thing for her! Most dogs can fast 5 to 7 days without a problem.

We need to learn to stop pushing food on our pets. Just be sure she is drinking water which is far more important. Why? Simple. Dehydration can be serious or even fatal.

Dogs can go far longer without eating than drinking water. There is a simple test you can do at Dog Dehydration.

If your dog will not eat for for more than a few days or acts sick in addition to fasting, then a vet visit is due.

Other Reasons a Dog Will Not Eat

  • Excessive tarter buildup and bleeding gums
  • Short term illness - digestion takes energy. A dog's loss of appetite actually helps the healing process.
  • Recent vaccinations. Vaccines can be far more toxic than you realize, causing finicky eating or not eating at all. See Vaccine Side Effects for more information.
  • Dog liver disease problem - especially if accompanied by a distended abdomen by fluid, diarrhea and vomiting

Dog Loss of Appetite or a "Picky Eater"

If you have a picky eater that eats some days and not others, I know how that feels.

That one took me years to figure out. My dog Bonz suffered from a lack of appetite for years. Actually I suffered more than he did. I worried.

Now you can cure it and increase your dogs life span at the same time.

How? Throw out the bag of dog food!

Before you pooh-pooh me, let me assure you I am not making this up, nor am a health food nut and I'm not here to sell you any product. I fed what I thought was the best commercial dog food for years, but I was wrong.

Here's what I know now.

Dog food manufacturing is BIG business and that is all it is. Everything from skin irritations, dry dull matted fur, bad breath, digestive problems and lethargy can just disappear in a month or so after changing your dog's diet to real food.

I started making my own dog food and eventually switched to raw. 

I believe Bonz knew instinctively that commercial dog food wasn't good for him so he only ate enough to survive. He was thin, but not skinny.Three days a week he would flip his full bowl upside down and act like he was burying it.

When his 13th birthday approached, I was filled with gratitude as I watched him dance on his hind legs for dinner and eat every morsel. The perfect weight with lots of energy and all from a raw food diet.

As I end this page, I'll leave you with something written nearly 100 years ago by Arnold Ehret:

Nature wants to save you! Disease is merely Nature's effort to start performing the process of healing - the elimination of wastes and disease matters that clog up your tissue system. Listen to the instinctive advice of Nature unfailingly given to both man and animals:

"Give me a chance to eliminate; to repair your bodily mechanism! Take time to be 'sick' for a few days or even weeks. Remain still, quiet, rest, sleep and DON'T EAT!"

Somewhere along the line we seem to have gotten this backward. We try to force our family members to eat when they don't feel well to give them strength when it really does the opposite!

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Important Notice

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