Dog Disease 
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Do you know the recipe for dog disease? I’m serious and I’ve got to share something that may shock you.

This dog had chronic diarrhea for 6 straight months and couldn't put on any weight

The conditions must be right for your dog to get any illness or disease.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record but dog illness does not fall from the sky.

And it doesn't attack your canine out of nowhere. Disease doesn't just sit around waiting for an innocent pooch to pause nearby.

Instead it is a process that we unknowingly are a part of. Don't kick yourself in the butt because I've done it enough for all of us. Instead . . .learn.

Dog Health Care

I don't know if you've noticed this but dog health care has become dog disease care. Usually by the time people find me and are ready to turn their dogs health around here is what has happened.

They have fed their dogs a commercial food (usually for years) and assume it's good because it's been approved by the AAFCO. Often their vet doesn't know much about nutrition so goes by the same method as if AAFCO approval means it's good stuff and will keep your dog healthy.

In a nutshell the AAFCO says there must be a certain amount of vitamins, minerals, protein etc.

Have you ever stopped to think that you can also visit the cereal isle of the grocery store and find fortified sugary cereals that also claim to have all the nutrients you need for a meal?

Adding chemical nutrients to a highly processed food does NOT make it healthy. Just try eating one of those cereals 3 time a day for a week and see how you feel.

Eat the stuff without any fresh foods added for a few years (like no table scraps) and I promise you, you will NOT feel well. You may have dry flaky skin, have a problem with inflammation and get infections easily, while other, worse issues are developing underneath.

A Trip to the Vet for Dog Disease

And of course the poor dog goes to the vet for something and gets a drug to fix the problem and maybe even a vaccine while he or she is there.

Neither really help.

And eventually there will be more and more trips to the vet because there is chronic dog disease.

What can you do?


Honestly, I see the same problems over and over and over. And I can't even tell you how many times I've been asked to help a distraught owner who's dog has been in the circle of disease for years, is miserable, is suffering and probably doesn't even remember what it's like to feel good.

It breaks my heart right along with theirs. After all, no one does it on purpose. They just didn't know any better.

Now the question is, will you?

Please begin your education. There's loads of good information on this website. To consolidate, there are now classes available so you can begin wherever you are right now.

And don't take my whole course. I know, I'm not a very good businesswoman but sharing knowledge for your dog's health is my goal in life.

Instead go to the page where the course is and get some information from the video introduction. Then scroll down to the bottom and choose just one class that best suits where you are right now.

Just one.

 The Vital Components to Real Dog Health

To fit with your lifestyle there is more than a written version. There is also an audio format you can listen to as often as you like.


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