Baby Girl, You Will Be Missed

by Ronnie Rook
(Washburn, MO. US)

Baby Girl

Baby Girl

My little Chihuahua "Baby Girl" went to the Rainbow Bridge two nights ago. She would have turned 15 years old in a few days.

I bought her as a gift for my Mother's 64th birthday. She became the light of my Mothers eyes, her constant companion.

My Mother passed away when Baby Girl was 3 years old and as my Mother wished, I brought her to live with me. She quickly became my little companion and I loved her throughout her remaining years. I watched her grow old and become feeble and unsteady. I knew she was getting ready to leave me that night so I held her close and told her how much I loved her and would miss her. As she passed away peacefully in my arms, I immediately felt comfort in knowing she was back with my Mother.

I will treasure the memories of her and will miss her terribly but will always be thankful for the time she was here with me. RIP "Baby Girl", till we meet again!

Ronnie Rook

~ ~ ~

Ronnie thank you. You put tears in my eyes. I'm so glad Baby Girl touched you both and that you honored your mother by keeping her little one.

What more could anyone ask for than a good long life with people who love them and a peaceful passing?

Bless you and hugs for you and your healing.


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I am waiting! - The Rainbow Bridge

by Dale
(Hendersonville NC)

We lost our Pomeranian baby girl at 2 years of age. She hemorrhaged and our vet worked diligently for 4 days trying to save her.
After many blood transfusions and lots of testing I looked into her eyes and knew that she was too tired to carry on. I felt selfish for wanting her to stay with us.

She was the most beautiful little girl. I had never seen a dog so devoted to her family. I was truly blessed by her being in my life. It was hard and I had to adjust to not having her in the crook of my arm carrying her there every morning for 2 years when I got out of bed to get my coffee... Following me around everywhere I went wagging her tail, her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth. A puppy with so much love, never acted aggressive toward anyone. Always happy when we came home from work, ready to play till she fell asleep in my lap.

If there was a perfect puppy in the world, it would have to be Mia.

A Native American friend of mine painted her into a painting for me, he titled it "I am waiting" and hangs in our bedroom along with her picture that I see when I get ready for bed every night. I know that I will see her again when I cross over the Rainbow Bridge into Heaven!

My little angel "Mia" (December 24, 2003 - September 24, 2005)

* * *

Dale, thank you so much for sharing. I got a lump in my throat over the painting and I think it's still there. What an awesome friend you have.

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Our Lady Boo

by Laurie Jean
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

I remember the first time I held her, I went to the vet's office to help Lou, the breeder next door with Bug-a-Boo (that's what I called her) and the other pups she had.

Lou said I didn't have to pay for Boo because she had a birth defect and she couldn't "sell" her. But I never believed it. Instead I think she and her husband wanted me to have my Boo. I did have to watch all their adult dogs (anywhere between 7 and 12 dogs) when they were away at trials, but I knew all of them by name and I loved each one of them differently.

Boo slept between my husband and me, which really didn't leave us much room at times, but she was worth it. And while I wished she chewed on shoes, sneakers or furniture that wasn't antique, I loved her just the same.

When our vet sent us a sympathy card and the poem "The Rainbow Bridge", I had both of them framed.

I don't think we'll have another dog because the heartbreak was just so hard to bear, but I do admit we have a cat, which is a whole other story in itself.

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Our Sweet Chester

by Margaret Barnwell

Chester was my mom's dog but Mom said he belonged to all of us. It is with a heavy heart that I write that he died this morning in the loving arms of my mom and my stepfather.

Chester was a stray that had wandered on my mom's property. We don't know where he came from but he was in bad shape when he got there. Our love healed him and made him whole and he knew that we loved him immeasurably. I just wish that I had gotten the chance to say goodbye.

My daughter is beside herself. This is the first time that she has dealt with death. Chester will forever be a part of us. It is with a heavy heart that we let him go but we know that he is no longer in pain or suffering.

We love you, Chester and our family was blessed by your presence in our lives. May you rest forever in God's "backyard". We will see you again someday along with all of the other dogs we loved.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Magaret, thank you for sharing. You touched my heart and reminded me that sometimes dogs do just show up in need and I don't think it's just physical needs. Every being needs something from the heart and you all gave Chester that.

I understand how hard it is for your daughter as well. How do you explain that death is a part of life and that it matters not as much how long you are here as it does how much you loved and were loved?

As hard as it is to say goodbye I hope you all know the difference you made in Chester's life and reminded me as well. I needed that.

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Dog Groomer story

by Lovin' Touch Grooming
(Easton, PA)

I am a dog groomer and have recently lost 2 dogs over the Rainbow Bridge. I become so attached to my grooming dogs I cry along with my clients. I lost two of my own dogs 10 years ago and the joy I had with them is what stays in my heart and always will.

We do need to be grateful that we have had the opportunity to know the unconditional love of a pet. It is a love only a pet owner can understand.

I came on this website because I needed comfort today. I am so grateful this website exists.

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My Belle Marie .... Forever Loved

by Cindy

My Belle went on her way to The Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Belle and I were blessed to have each other for over 15 years and I'm proud to say that she saved my life from a fire in Nashville, TN. We lived at the Belle Valley Apartments, on Belle Valley Drive and my Belle was the hero of The Belle Valley Fire.

We stayed at Five Diamond Hotels, played at the ocean shore, hiked, camped and fished together and sooooo much more. Hollie and I will greatly miss Belle, but know how blessed I was to have her in my life for so many wonderful years. RIP my Belle Marie and thank you!

* * *

Cindy, I'm so glad you are able to say goodbye with love and appreciation. What a gift that is!

May all your memories be good ones.


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Sara, my sweet girl

by Penny

Young Sara

Young Sara

I found Sara 15 years ago in a dumpster along with her brother. She was about 8 weeks old and just a bundle of fur.

Someone I knew wanted her brother so I kept her.The vet said she was a collie/chow mix.

She grew to be a beautiful girl and brought so much joy into my life. One of my favorite things was asking her to give me the "Elvis" smile. I wish you could have seen it.

The last 4 years we have lived on a 88 acre farm. Sara loved the farm, the family and three other dogs. During the last 4 years we also had a beagle that took up here and called the farm home..along with an adopted kitty.

Exactly one month ago my best friend gave me a one year old chihuahua named Oreo, he layed with Sara a lot, as though he knew...and he has helped me so much today when I have been so sad.

May 3, 2013, I knew it was her time. Her heart was giving out along with all her bodily functions. I'm blessed to have a brother-in-law that is our vet. He helped not only her but me say goodbye in such a peacefully way.

Sara was one of a kind...a blessing to me...thank you Lord for bringing that bundle of fur into my life.

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