Dog Vomiting

Does your dog ever throw up a clear or yellowish fluid? Understanding this kind of dog vomiting should ease your mind so let's get started with this week's Dog Talk Tuesday.

What a peaceful picture of friends staying warm in winter. Except Teddy in the middle, everyone else is over 15 years old.

How could you not worry about dog vomiting?

Doesn't it make a difference to know how the body works? Now you know  this kind of vomiting isn't an illness or a disease. Instead, it's the body doing a job.

You know I try to be as simple as possible when I explain stuff so it's easier to remember and to pass along but sometimes I simplify a bit too much. While dogs do produce bile in anticipation of a meal, they, in fact produce it constantly. It's how their body works. If  they were wild they would have to be ready whenever they came upon food so that's Mother Nature's little gift of preparedness for them.

When it happened with Lulu I didn't like it but I understood it.  The worst part to me is that bile is very acidic. That's why it's so good at digesting food but that's also why its so good at discoloring the carpet. 

Usually I'm very lucky because I find it before it's been there very long so my  Nature's Fresh Enzyme Spray solves the problem.  The best enzymes I've ever used, there are no chemicals in it. Simply enzymes - like in the body, they break down foods so you can wipe them up. Now why that same spray helps with pain and inflammation on our skin, I'm not sure but I love the stuff. If you're an NSP member, pick some up with your next order. (Go to Natures Sunshine and type in Nature's Fresh Enzyme Spray.)

Something else you probably have around the house you can use to stop the smell and the staining is baking soda. It's alkaline.  Dissolve some in water before you use it.

Talk to ya next week,


Important Notice

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