Exercise and Disease
and How They Relate

What's the relationship of exercise and disease?

Ever seen a sluggish stream full garbage and stagnant oily looking parts? That could be similar in nature to the blood inside your dog. Here's why.

Another of Ice's many photos taken by his owner and my friend who I met through this website. Thanks Steph!

To understand the relationship of disease with dogs who don't exercise, here it is in a nutshell.

By increasing oxygen intake and speeding up metabolism, toxins in food and from the environment can be released from the body.

Also, the immune system is triggered by exercise.

Are you familiar with the lymphatic system?

The lymph system does a lot of heavy lifting as part of the clean up crew. If your dog sits, so does the lymph system.

Really. The on switch for the lymph system is movement so it is impossible to be a healthy couch potato for any of us.

Blood Under a Microscope

Seeing pictures of my own blood under a microscope many years ago, is something I'll always remember. Although now outlawed in many states, it was a fabulous tool for my naturopath.

I was taken aback when I saw tiny particles of fat floating in my blood and some of my blood cells actually stuck together.

My naturopath would give her patients a picture of their blood to take home along with suggestions for a healthier diet. And she would remind us all of the exercise and disease relationship adding that even a brisk walk would do. A few months later we would get a new picture.

Amazing what nutritious food and exercise can do! After a month, I no longer felt sluggish or low energy.

A friend who had lived on fast food for several years because her business kept her busy seven days a week, showed me her blood picture. It was gross. Her cells weren't round, they were misshapen and stuck together in large gooey looking clumps.

It helped change our lives seeing that saturated fat clogging up our blood. Together, we walked up and down hills every afternoon pushing our toddlers in strollers with our dogs at our sides.

Looking back I can see that commercial dog food did the same thing to my poor dogs as McDonalds did to us. See the history of dog food at my Raw Dog Food page.

Without truly healthy foods there is nothing, I repeat nothing to rebuild healthy cells in our body and disease will gain a foothold and not let go.

Thoughts and Ideas on Exercise

Lack of exercise, and disease go hand in hand for us and our dogs are no different. For ideas of things to do with your dog, see Dogs Exercise.

* * *

Some days writing for this website has its pitfalls (yes, I do use a lot of pit words). I realize I should be out with the dogs, doing aerobics, or at least taking a brisk walk.

All too often I tell myself, "I'll just work on this one page before I exercise" ...and the day flies by. 

You can really see the muscles on Ice when Steph captured his image during a full out run.

When that happens, I don't sleep as well and the next morning I give myself a lecture in the mirror.

To make matters worse (but better in the long run) is seeing my dog's expectant face who wants that one on one time with me.

That look also reminds me our life together is all too short and the  exercise and disease connection helps me get my tennis shoes on and get out the door.

Once I'm out I wonder how I could ever pass up the chance to be doing something special with the canine I love.

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