Fatty Tumors in Dogs

Could fatty tumors in dogs be a blessing in disguise? They're ugly, they're gross but they're giving you a very clear signal that it's time to do something.  And doing the right thing now could add years to your dog's life.

You know my motto of health from the inside out right? Well disease is the same.

Everything both good and bad begin where we can't see it.

In today's Dog Talk Tuesday, I'm going to explain what a fatty tumor is made of, how it gets there and why it's where it is.

The next step is entirely up to you.

(Not sure what a fatty tumor is? I'll describe it later in the page.)

Fatty Tumors in Dogs

Here's a basic description:

  • They are rounded on the surface like a upside down bowl.

  • If you put your fingers around one and press in slightly, they seem to be rounded and are not attached on the underside.

Think of them as free floating globs of trash.

Here is a fatty tumor on the dog I talked about in the video.  He got three of them over the course of 5 years.  The fourth was cancerous and he died.

The point here is it doesn't happen overnight but it's a clear warning that something is wrong and you have the ability to do something about it by improving dog health with the right foods and supplements.

So if you're worried about what people will say; if you hate looking at it; you can choose to have it cut out. Your dog will look better on the outside while his liver works at filtering out the regular toxins plus the drugs from the surgery.  A healthy dog should be able to detoxify the use of those one time drugs out in about 3 weeks.

To see what Nature's Sunshine supplements often work to break down those ugly lumps, you can find those three items on my page called Canine Lipoma.

If you want to do the best for your dog for prevention please

  • Read my page on the best dog supplements for lasting health.
  • Don't rely solely on processed foods for nutrition
  • Consider an appropriate raw diet by following my favorite recipe #2 Use it and switch up the organs and muscle meats
  • Stop over vaccinating. Titer test if you want to be sure immunity is present. It's far, far safer.

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Important Notice

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