Think Feeding Dogs Table Scraps is Bad? Think Again

Feeding dogs table scraps and leftovers is a great idea! Did dog food manufacturers fool you? It’s human grade dog food silly. The rules are simple. Pay attention to portions and follow this guide.


Think about it. Man has been been doing this since the beginning - even before he had tables!

Give them food, not snacks or dessert.

And for heavens sake remember your little Yorkie, Chihuahua or Pomeranian has a stomach the size of a walnut.

Do not feed her the same size food morsels as your Pit Bull or Golden Retriever or you will wonder why it's hard to see her legs under that tootsie roll body. (And then whine you don't know why she's fat when she hardly touches her dog food.)

Consider this.

Back in the day, dogs were much healthier when they ate our leftovers and NOT dog kibble. I'm talking about raw scraps of meat and fat including bones while we were preparing meals. And after dinner we may have scraped all the leftovers into a bowl for Fido.

Two major things have changed.

  • The public being coerced into believing that highly processed commercial dog foods are superior to meat, bones, organs etc.
  • Humans, especially in the United States don’t eat as healthy as they used to. Scores of folks have climbed aboard that processed food train as well.

If you eat meats without a lot of sauces, marinades and gravy, they are good for your dog.

If you eat raw fruits and vegetables, a small amount is good for your dog.

If you eat salad, it is good for your dog in small quantities as well. (Before the dressing please.)

If you eat pizza, fries, macaroni and cheese or fruity pebbles, keep them to yourself. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Feeding Dogs Table Scraps  -
Not Junk Food

Let's define table scraps one more time because feeding dogs table scraps means leftovers from a meal. You remember, that stuff you actually cook for yourself and your family. (Microwaving does not count.) Here is a clip from an article I read at the associated press. I find this rather humorous:

“Giving dogs table scraps isn't recommended for a number of reasons. Of course dogs like people food better than dog food, but it isn't formulated for their specific needs.”

Bingo, this writer believes the dog food manufacturers . She goes on to say how her husband gave their Shitzu half a man sized buttered popcorn and it made him sick. Lets think about this.

Since when has buttered popcorn become a meal? It is not table scraps, it's snack food. Second, if I ate the same ratio of buttered popcorn as that little dog, it would be around 13 cups and would include at least two cubes of butter. Wouldn't you be sick after 13 cups of popcorn? Heck, I'd never want to eat the stuff again.

By the way, in addition to feeding dogs table scraps,  I also served popcorn to my pit bulls on occasion, but here's the difference. I used an air popper. I set some aside for my canine crew before I added the butter and salt. Then my husband and I let them catch ten pieces each. Ten pieces of popped corn for a 75 pound dog is a snack.

If you really enjoy feeding your dog people food, then by all means, go ahead. When you cook a meal, set some aside for your dog before you cook it or after without the sauce, the gravy, the ketchup or the butter. You'll both be happier for it. Just keep in mind his nutritional needs, as you do your own. You do don't you?

And one last thought about feeding dogs table scraps. I hate begging dogs. My dog Lily knew she will not get my leftovers if she begged, so she laid under the table patiently while I ate my meal. If she behaved (and she usually did), I saved her something healthy and either gave it to her after I cleared my plate as a treat, or I added it to her food bowl for dinner.

Now go ahead and tell your friends, neighbors and Facebook buddies - feeding dogs table scraps is a good thing! (Like and share buttons are below.)

A little less kibble and a little more table scraps (especially meat and eggs) could improve your dog's health a lot.

And of course if you'd like to learn more about real dog nutrition, stick around. There's lots of pages here to help you. You might even start with the one called what else? Dog Nutrition.

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