Fish Oil For Dogs

Fish oil for dogs has become all the rage but your choice means everything. It could be rancid or not even contain Omega 3. How to be sure you're improving dog health instead of poisoning your dog.

The Benefits of a Good Fat

Fats are good! I'm not talking about the fat in donuts, so don't run out for a hydrogenated fat fix and clog up your arteries.

A good wholesome fat provides more than twice as much energy as other food sources.

Fats are also required for the maintenance and growth of many tissues in the body.

The essential fatty acids are smaller components of fats that are necessary for good health. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are talked about a lot for humans.

Omega 6 is easy to get since it's in meat and fish but Omega 3 is a bit trickier. And there's more than one.

  • short chain omega 3
  • long chain omega 3 (EPA + DHA)

Dogs need Omega 3 because they can produce whatever other fatty acid is required as long as they have this one. Let's look at the importance of adding this as a supplement to your dog's diet.

And just why it's called an EFA or ESSENTIAL fatty acid.

The Benefits of Essential Fatty Acids

  • significant skin eruptions
  • loss of hair
  • skin that won't heal from wounds
  • liver and kidney degeneration
  • increased susceptibility to infections
  • heart and circulatory problems
  • weakness
  • retarded growth
  • spontaneous abortions
  • sterility
  • vision impairment
  • loss of ability to learn
  • symptoms similar to arthritis

Note: While there are a few other good sources of essential fatty acids, such as flax oil and coconut oil, there are differences in each and I firmly believe our dogs deserve an animal source since they are carnivores.

Doesn't that make sense?

When Fish Oil For Dogs is Useless or Toxic

If you see a product that is fish oil, it can be anything and not all fish fat has Omega 3. Where it's harvested could pose dangers as well; such as mercury content which is highly toxic.

Or how about fish raised on a farm in dirty conditions? How about diseased fish that can't be sold? Yuck! It's perfectly legal to have those things used for fish oil.

And since all good fats go rancid easily (which makes them toxic) they must be kept refrigerated. Even if you have capsules.

Remember rancid fish oil does the opposite of a good fresh one. It causes health problems!

And there's one more thing I'd like you to think about with any dog supplements. Why are they only for dogs when we need the same nutrients? I should think it's manufacturing standards so I will only give a dog human supplements.

Now that I put that little bug (thought) in your head . . . and as much as I'd love to sell you a supplement, I've got a better idea (sigh)

Use wild caught sardines packed in water. Yup, something in a can. I know I'm a raw feeder and abhor canned anything... except this. Why?

Sardines are small young fish who haven't lived long enough to absorb toxins. Being void of air within the can, the fish oil does not begin breaking down until the can is opened.

They have wonderful protein as well and are easy, easy, easy to serve!

The cans are about 4 ounces so you can add to a meal or serve as a meal about once a week. Since my Lulu is a big dog she gets 2 cans a week . . . and if I forget for a few weeks I get a little reminder.

How? When I scratch her rump I'll actually see a tiny bit of what looks like dandruff so I march my little self right into the kitchen and take out a can and set it next to her bowl so I remember!

Lastly, a Warning About Fish Oil for Dogs

Phew, I almost forgot to tell you! Never buy dog food with fish oil or Omega 3. Not ever! If it isn't already rancid when you buy it, it will be shortly.

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Important Notice

I sell NSP (Nature's Sunshine) herbs and supplements for your dog. While these are strictly tested and made for human consumption, I am the only one in the United States successfully using them for dogs for over a decade now.

To get proper doses for your dog you must purchase through me. I've spent a great deal of time learning the right combinations and doses per weight for your canine kid.