- Flea Control in the Home -
Using your new best friend, the vacuum

Natural flea control in the home begins with cleaning. Think of your vacuum as your new best friend for flea removal. Spraying chemicals may hurt your dog more than the fleas so save that poison for the vacuum bag.

Once you realize your dog has fleas, you probably have flea eggs and feces in your carpet, on your furniture (if Fido is allowed there) and in all the dark quiet hiding places fleas congregate.

Getting the flea poop is just as important as getting the fleas since the flea feces is actually food for the young fleas. (I know, pretty gross.)

What Kind of Vacuum Works?

Any vacuum with a good hose attachment. Having a crevice tool is a big advantage.

What About a Vacuum Bag?

Good question. Once the nasty little critters are in there, we don't want them crawling out. Either put a flea collar or some borax in it. Otherwise throw the bag out after each use because they WILL get out.

How To Vacuum

Go over each area three times. (I do one strip 3 times and then move on and there is a method to my madness!) Move the furniture and vacuum those areas next. Now use the crevice tool where the baseboards meet the floor. Remember fleas like those dark quiet places to mature and wait for their next victim!

The reason I say to vacuum three times for flea control in the home is fleas are actually attracted to the vibration of the vacuum because their senses think it is sign of dinner. As they move closer to the top of the carpet getting ready to jump, the vacuum becomes the predator and the fleas the prey.

Check Your Furniture

Lift the cushions on your sofa and chairs.

Of course you'll have to make the dogs move for a few minutes, but you can do it.

Now, inspect for feces and eggs. Be brave. Get your hands down in there to feel for that gritty stuff.

You may get lucky and find a few dollars in change.

The small whitish eggs are hard to see, but if you see or feel the gritty 'flea dirt' use that vacuum! Remember why the crevice tool got its name.

Dog Crates and Kennels and Beds

If your dog spends time in a crate, wash any bedding and vacuum the crate. Move it and vacuum under and around it.

If he or she has a wire kennel with the pull out tray, look around the outside first. Notice any dirt? It may be flea dirt. Vacuum it! Move the kennel and vacuum well where it stood.

Wash those dog beds! If you can't wash the whole bed, take off the cover and wash it. Put the remaining part in the hot sun if possible since high heat will kill fleas.

The Good and Bad News 

You can avoid flea infestation and treatments with chemicals by following these guidelines. Vacuum every few days and wash bedding and vacuum around kennels once a week.

This can be time consuming and if you leave your new best friend in the closet over a week, you can be headed for a flea infestation. So what should you do?


To boost flea control in the home, my favorite is borax on your carpets in conjunction with these procedures. I'll explain exactly how to do it if you meet me over at Fleas in the House.

If you have a yard, use non-chemical outside flea control and you can eliminate fleas and make your new best friend into an acquaintance.

And lastly, the best prevention for fleas is dog health which begins with a raw diet. My free recipes are here)  I kid you not. When our dogs are healthy they are not attractive to fleas. I haven't seen one in years and boy am I grateful I'll never have to go through everything I described above. Not ever ever again.

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Important Notice

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