Flea Traps - Home Remedy for Eliminating Fleas in the House

Flea traps whether homemade or purchased have some advantages. They may not be the best home remedy for fleas in the house but here's why you should consider giving them a try.

Fleas are good at hiding. Maybe you've seen a few on the dog and wonder if they're living in the carpet.

You're smart enough to know if you use pesticides in your house it will adversely affect your dogs health and that of the rest of your family as well. (Plus nowadays you don't even know if it will kill the fleas.)

Where do you start? I suggest making some homemade traps to get an idea of how big the problem really is or use them in conjunction with other non toxic methods for flea control in your home.

As my son would say, it's easy peasy. Fleas are attracted to light, heat and vibration and here's how you use the first two attractants.

 I think these homemade traps work best at night when the room is quiet and empty.

Flea Trap Ingredients

I'm kind of laughing at myself over the word ingredients...

  • A short lamp with a warm bright light bulb (the adjustable desk lamps are perfect for this)
  • A bowl or pie dish
  • Plain or seltzer water
  • Dish soap

Fill the bowl with water. Put several drops of dish soap in the water and set it under the lamp you just set up on or near the floor.

Seriously, that's it. Now if you're wondering why this silly contraption would work, I'll explain. Fleas are attracted to the light and warmth of the lamp. Fleas can swim. (Good grief it's hard to kill a flea!) However, the dish soap makes them drown. Ta-da!

No lamp?

You can do a variation of this trap by leaving the television on when you go to bed (And yes, you can turn the sound off) and put that bowl of soapy water in front of it.

You can even try floating a tealight candle in a bowl or pie dish with soapy water or soapy seltzer water.

What's different about the flea traps you buy?

Sticky paper instead of water. They come fully assembled for around $15 but you have to buy refills for around $2 each. They use light, heat and sticky paper.

Best Use

Although fleas can be attracted from up to 30 feet away with these traps, having one in each room may work best. Check the traps in the morning to see how many you collected. Flush them down the toilet (if they're not dead they can climb back up the sink) and put fresh soapy water in the traps each day.

Note: Keep pets away from water since soapy water may upset their tummies. Another good reason to only do it at night since the dogs sleep with you right? Come on, you can admit it.

* * *

Keep in mind ten adult female fleas hitchhiking in on your dog can become 150-400 in days.

Other Flea Control

My favorite non toxic indoor flea control is Borax. I tell you exactly how to safely apply it to carpets on my page called Fleas In House.

I always stay away from dog flea medicines and dog flea treatment since they are poison and have nothing at all to do with medicine.

What seems to surprise people is the best flea control in the world is a healthy dog. Fleas just aren't interested in them. I switched my dogs to a raw dog food diet a few years ago and will never change. That coupled with eliminating dog vaccinations seem to be the best gift a dog can have for health.

Whoever would have thought that?

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Important Notice

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To get proper doses for your dog you must purchase through me. I've spent a great deal of time learning the right combinations and doses per weight for your canine kid.