Fleas in House? Use Borax for Home Flea Control

Does Borax get rid of fleas in house like diatomaceous earth? Absolutely. It's cheaper too. Here are step by step instructions to treat carpets. But first, do you know where to find it?

I buy 20 Mule Team BORAX in the laundry detergent section at the grocery story where a 4 pound box costs $4.00 and is enough to treat my modest size home.

While borax is non toxic and easy to use, it's still not good to inhale. Your lungs and those of your dog already have plenty to do.

Okay, ready to rid yourself of fleas in house and have your carpets smell better as well? I thought so.

Before I forget, here's an added bonus. Adding a half cup to a load of stinky dog blankets along with detergent will have you swear your dog hasn't laid on them before... except for the bits of stuck dog hair, torn threads and maybe some holes.

Ah, such is life with dogs.

Tools Needed for Application

nose/mouth mask

I use a big jar with holes poked through the lid and cheap nose/mouth mask (why breathe in borax powder?)

How to Apply

I did one room at a time. First I made all my pets leave the room. (There's no sense in them inhaling borax dust either.) I vacuum well, sprinkle a light covering and pound and sweep it down where carpet fleas hide. I move all the furniture and treat those areas also since fleas hide in dark quiet places. That's it! Mission accomplished.

Note: The vibration of the vacuum encourages hatching of the flea larvae so they can hatch and die.

How Does Borax Kill Fleas and How Long Does it Last?

It kills these insects by dehydration like diatomaceous earth, but its less expensive. It also attacks their nervous system. One application lasts six months to a year for fleas in house. The deeper into the carpet you get it, the better. You don't want fido snorting it up.

Since its Natural, its Safe, Right?

Yes and no. Its much better than pesticides and lasts for months instead of weeks. It won't cause skin irritation but it still should not be eaten or inhaled.

Once its down in the carpet, inhaling is not a problem. I believe the brushing action of the broom creates a magnetic affect on the powder. If its on top of the carpet or on your dog's skin or fur, your dog can ingest it. I never put it ON my dogs.

What About Vacuuming After Carpet Flea Treatment?

Wait a few days if possible, then vacuum as usual since only trace amounts of borax will be picked up each time.

Can I use Borax for fleas on my wood floors?

Yes. Its a little harder and much messier to apply since you have to get it down into the cracks of the floor, then wipe off the surface.

A Final Note

Flea control in the home doesn't happen overnight. Fleas multiply quickly and yard fleas become fleas in house in the blink of an eye. Be patient and don't give up! And pat yourself on the back. Fleas don't build up a resistance to borates like they do pesticides so you're doing something good for the earth!

If you think this is all to much trouble and believe topical flea medicines, flea bombs, flea sprays and flea shampoos are the way to go, please think again.

Pesticides are POISON with long term health affects on our dogs our kid and ourselves.

It took me too many years to learn that a truly healthy dog is not a host for fleas. I mean this literally.

Two dogs in the same flea infested environment and the one fed commercial dog food and given yearly vaccines will pick up hundreds of fleas while a dog fed a raw diet (and titer tested for disease immunity instead of vaccinated) won't have any fleas at all.

I now enjoy a fleeless home with a fleeless dog who doesn't even scratch behind her ears. It's lovely.

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