Pros & Cons on Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Food grade diatomaceous earth is a simple non toxic canine flea control and keeps some internal parasites at bay as well. Should you use it?

For a decade I shared the benefits of this stuff.

For us earth mother types (that's what my kids call me) diatomaceous earth is a wonderful thing. It's a natural substance that can be used inside and outside our dogs.

Why then was it never advertised or suggested by veterinarians? Something made by the earth and not by human engineering cannot be patented.Plus there is not much profit.

What is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Anyway?

It is not really earth or soil at all. DE is made up solely of diatoms;  microscopic, single celled creatures of various shapes whose life span is less than a week.

When they die, these mineral crustaceans build up deposits when the area they live in stays undisturbed for thousands of years. A more accurate name for them could be something like fossil shell flour. since that's what it is when harvested from the earth.

The 'food grade' lets you know nothing else was added (unlike that stuff for swimming pools which is dangerous for any other use).

The Pros
Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

1. It's Natural - So many labels boast the word natural nowadays that it has practically lost its meaning. But this is the real deal and should not be overlooked.

2. Kills Fleas On Dogs - Natural and non-toxic, DE is hard and sharp to insects and parasites. Rubbed into your dog's coat, it pierces flea's body so dehydrates and dies within 24 hours.

Unlike pesticides, fleas cannot build up an immunity to it!

 (For other natural ways to keep your dogs free of fleas, please visit   A Natural Remedy for Fleas.)

3. Kills Some Internal Parasites

Since DE doesn't soften in the liquid you stir it in, it kills intestinal critters like tapeworms the same way it kills fleas on the outside.

Dogs - 1/2 teaspoon for  a small dog and one teaspoon for a large dog mixed in water or sprinkled on wet food.

(For other natural ways to kill intestinal worms in dogs, please read Natural Dog Dewormer.)

4. Kills Fleas in Your Home - Non-poisonous flea control. For carpets, bedding etc. you can sprinkle them lightly and rub or brush in with a broom. Find more at Fleas In House.

Reminder: only use food grade diatomaceous earth.

Cons of
Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

While I still feel DE is far better than any flea meds on the market, I've always wondered how much it might irritate the sinus membranes of our dogs. Even though we brush it deep into the fur or carpet or whatever, some of that just has to get sucked up into those ever sniffing noses of our best buddies ya know?

Another Natural Way to Deter Fleas

If you watch the television show Shark Tank, you may have seen this one a few years ago. Not only do they have a great product, they got backing. ( I don't know if they used it but that's not the point)

Wondercide is good stuff using essential oils. And the people there are seem both nice and helpful.

I get no payment of any kind to promote them. I just want you to use healthy alternatives. So check it out at:


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