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Here's a video follow up to the free download, "Four Free Things to Improve Dog Health" because this will help your dog every day of his life.

I'll start with an introduction in case I'm new to you.

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Chlorine - Most of us don't realize chlorine isn't an accepted chemical in drinking water in the majority of places around the world because and isn't good for any of us. Please use a water filter. If you want to read more about it, head over to my water for dogs page which will surely give you a surprise or two.

As for fluoride, holy smokes! The idea for adding that to water came from the same company who promoted asbestos. It's still used in 60% of the drinking water in the United States but less than 2% in Europe.

We need to wise up.

Fluoride is a neurotoxin and studies have shown there is absolutely no improvement in teeth from the stuff so if you have toothpaste with fluoride, toss it!

Wondering exactly what a neurotoxin is?

Neurotoxins are poisonous substances which are destructive to all nerve tissue. That means they can adversely affect function in both developing and mature nervous tissue.

Of course the first thought is that maybe it affects some tiny nerve impulses we wouldn’t notice, but guess what? Nervous tissue is the main component of both the brain and the spinal cord. The central nervous system  and the branching peripheral nerves regulate and control bodily functions and activity.

In short, since fluoride hasn't been banned yet, it's up to us to stay away from it.

Table Scraps

Just for fun I did write a page about table scraps. I don't want you to confuse them with snack food like a reporter from the Associated Press did. She should be embarrassed! If you haven't seen it, you can take a peek at it now.

I think the reason dog food manufacturers started this whole malarkey was to keep dogs eating kibble. After all, if you had a choice between a steak and a saltine cracker which would you choose? Wouldn't you hold out for the steak?

I would and so would my dog.


Just a note here to remind you it is impossible to be healthy without some form of exercise. Walking will do. I knew one dog who ate a terrible diet but got gobs of exercise (she was a fetch-o-holic) and a hunting dog. She managed to live a fairly long life - meaning over 15 years.

Surely I wrote more about this... yup, here it is. It's called Exercise and Disease

That's it until next time when we'll talk about fleas.

If you didn't get your free download of The Four Free Things to Improve Dog Health, it's because you didn't sign up for my newsletter. Bummer for me.

But it's so important I'm going to give it to you anyway. Share it with everyone you can.

Four Free Things to Improve Dog Health

It's so simple to improve your dog's health from the inside out so just do it!


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Dog Health Advocate

P.S. Here is a video transcript for my deaf and hard of hearing dog loving friends . . .

Note: The video has notes within it so I used {  } to insert them.

Hi. First of all I want to thank you for downloading my four free things to improve dog health {That means you love your dog}  and I hope you take them to heart. Um, who am I? {First, she's a big fat...} I'm Andrea Partee, {Dog Lover} and my website is Three Little and I was one of those people {Did she mention she's a Dog Health Coach?} I'm one of those people that for 20 or 30 years friends would call and friends of friends called asking me questions about dog health. Foods, medicines, natural remedies. Finally in 2009 I decided to just start a website. {It sounded so easy}  After all the internet is a great place and that way I could help way more people - and I have.  {And after only 5,000 hours of work, she got the hang of it} And I've helped so many people one on one that it has just done my heart good.

Now that I've done this for awhile and I've gotten better at it, I can even talk on camera a little bit  (embarrassed facial expression)

Okay, back to the list. Those 4 things are really important. Here's the deal, we can't SEE dog health. I mean our dog looks fine but we can't tell about the kidneys or liver or their spleen or their lungs or their heart so we're just guessing by outward appearances. {Yes, we assume they're healthy when they may not be}  And it's in a dogs nature to always act healthy because it's instinctual. Any pack member in nature who shows weakness or can't keep up is ostracized.

And another thing is I just don't want you to go through so many of the things I went through or my kid's dogs went through. It's heart wrenching.

{Since I keep learning, you should take advantage of it}

What was an example I was going to give you? Oh! Did you know when it comes to kidney function, the vet can't even tell you through testing that there's a problem until there is only 34% kidney function left? Then what are you going to do? Yes there are natural ways to help rebuild the kidneys if you catch it early enough but let's not even go there.

Back to the list. Tap water is not very good stuff. I don't know if you notice this but every year you get something in the mail from either your water company or the city you live in listing all the poisons in that water. There will be a list of 15 to 20 along with their percentages  while comparing them to the acceptable percentages

{ such as:
chlorodibrom omethane
monochloroacetic acid
strontium }

Acceptable percentages. Really? Why are there acceptable percentages of toxins? Maybe that's just the best they can do. The point being though that there ARE poisons in the water and dogs are more susceptible to this stuff than we are. I've been told by a holistic vet it's because they're life span is shorter so things affect them quicker but I don't know.

Anyway, then we have the additives. Chlorine kills bacteria {Then what does it do inside our dogs?} and I understand the fear of bacteria because if you've ever had "Montezuma's Revenge" it's not a lot of fun. But, it's also a poison so once we get it in the house, we need to get the chlorine out of the water before we drink it, cook with it or give it to the dog.

Another one is fluoride. I didn't even realize how terrible it is. I haven't used any products with fluoride for years {I'll make her tell you how scary this stuff is below the video on the website}

What else did I want to talk about because I don't want to be here forever and if you're like me you get antsy over long videos. Oh, I have to check my notes except I can't really see them without my glasses which are on my head but if I take my glasses off my head my hair will fall in my face. Um, oh yeah! Kibble with water.

Kibble is not a natural food. We know that and because of that you have to put water in it. It just amazes me how many people talk about you need kibble to keep their teeth clean.  Well, guess what? Have you ever had your dog's teeth cleaned at the vet? Well most dogs have periodontal disease . . . and it's really FROM the kibble, but that's something we'll talk more about later when I get to the food in the next couple of days.  Um, but I will tell you that my dogs don't have it so I'll teach you how not to have it and without brushing your dog's teeth.

What else? Exercise. (Sigh) You know, it's really hard to get our butts in gear sometimes and get out there but there's nothing more important for us and the dog because it helps us relax, helps get rid of the stress, toxins and  dogs absolutely need to move. If you have a couch potato, it might be because he's depressed. (gives you a funny look) Of course it might be because he's had too many Milk Bones, but, you have to figure that out yourself and I'll help you with that as well.

Tablescraps? Tablescraps are a favorite one!  Ya know that's the funniest thing in the world and it's the one thing I never did buy into. How could we decide that a little brown pellet is far healthier for the dog than a piece of meat? Or, or anything. Come on. Real food vs. something processed? Give me a break.

Seems to me that's just something the dog food manufacturers cooked up. Just a thought. (she smiles)

Well, anyway I hope that gives you a little bit of an idea of me, and who I am because {Because we can always improve dog health . . .and it starts with awareness}  Because I have a group of people and we share things and we learn stuff together (Most recently, thank you RaVen & Ziggy) and I hope you will be a part of that if we fit.

Sooo, I'll talk to you in a couple days and I'll leave something below on this page. I'm not sure what else to talk about but I'll think of something I missed in the video {In the next video I'll talk about fleas}

Okay, take care. And give your dog a hug!

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