Five Fun Dog Facts
I Find Fascinating

Here are some fun dog facts that might change the way you see your canine. Ever wonder why dogs lick their wounds; wolf down their food; don’t get sick eating raw meat or eat their own vomit ?

Now don't get squeamish on me, this is fascinating stuff.

And I've got one more for you as well.

Did you know that one litter of pups can have more than one father?

I'll explain how.

Snapshot I took while playing in the woods back when my Lulu was only 4 or 5 years old.

Wound Licking

Is there an advantage to let your dog lick her own wounds? What about yours? I think this is one of my favorite fun dog facts because I got looks ranging from weird to disgusted by other mothers when I allowed my dogs to lick my kids cuts and scrapes when they were little. I didn’t care.

Not only did it calm my children and give the dog a job to do, they healed faster. Why?

The wonderful difference between our saliva and dog saliva is that dog saliva kills bacteria! Mother Nature knew what she was doing.

It makes me smile to think back when my Lily was still here and got a sore on the top of her head. I wasn't sure what it was but her best buddy Moo, insisted on tending to it, so I just monitored the progress.

I don't know how he knew how often, but he would smell it several times a day. Three or four of those times he would give it a good cleaning with his tongue.

If she protested, he'd hold her down with his paw until the job was done.

It healed beautifully.

Why Dogs Swallow More than Chew

If you worry why your dog doesn't chew his food more, then stop and put yourself in your dog's place. Try chewing without moving your lower jaw from side to side at all. I'm serious. If you use just the up and down motion, you don't get very far.

Dogs can only move their jaw up and down. That's why they don't have molars like we do. We were made to grind our food. Plus, the more we chew the more enzymes are released from our saliva to break down the food.

Dogs don't have enzymes in their saliva. Their teeth were designed for pulling and tearing. Once they swallow, their body takes care of the rest.

How Dogs Were Made to Eat Raw

Since food doesn't spend much time in their mouth for their saliva to kill the bacteria, the stomach takes over the job.

Their stomach acid is far higher than ours. It is so high in fact that even large pieces of food are easily broken down and digested.

How else would they be able to eat raw meat without a problem? And if you’ve ever taken something frighteningly dead and disgusting away from your dog that he found in the yard and then wondered why you didn’t have to rush him to the vet, now you know.

Unfortunately, the stomach acid does not affect socks, rocks or toys.

Eating Dog Vomit

If you've ever wondered why your dog occasionally vomits halfway through his meal or at the end of his meal and then promptly eats it,  he is not sick.

You might not think of this as a fun dog fact but keep reading.

Of course we worry because we would be sick if we did that but dog vomiting in this instance is Mother Nature's plan.

Although dogs can swallow large pieces of food, it all has to "fit" going down in order to be digested. to be sure the right amount gets to the destination for the stomach acid to do its job, there's a sort of built in filter.

If the fit isn't just right, the food is promptly sent back up and out. If you've ever noticed while we are grossed out, dogs are more than happy to eat it again.

I sometimes wonder if they think it's a gift getting to eat twice at one sitting.

How a Littermates can have
Different Dads

Ever seen a litter of pups where one or two just didn't look anything like their siblings?

A female is in heat for three weeks and is most fertile in that middle week. If she accepts a male, one or more fertilized eggs attach themselves to the wall of the uterus and wait.

If she accepts another the next day, the process is repeated. Once she is through accepting those amorous advances, the pups then begin to grow so they will all be full term at the same time.

If you or anyone you know has an unspayed female that accidentally breeds once, you should still keep her  away from males for the rest of her heat cycle.

Then of course, you should consider having her spayed so you don't add to the 20 million dogs euthanized each year.

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