Giardia in Puppies

So you want to tackle giardia in puppies in a natural way that doesn't ruin gut health or the immune system? Yes!

Want to improve your pup's health at the same time? Awesome!

Meet Riley. Photo taken just before his mom found my giardia in puppies remedies. At just 5 pounds, this ten week old Mini Golden Doodle is so cute I just want to cuddle him.Meet Riley. Photo taken just before his mom found my giardia in puppies remedies. At just 5 pounds, this ten week old Mini Golden Doodle is so cute I just want to cuddle him.

Welcome. You found the right girl to help you. Okay, so I was a girl 4 or 5 decades ago. At least I've been around long enough to learn a lot so I can share dog health with you.

First, giardia is a protozoa and NOT bacteria so antibiotics rarely do the job.

That's why folks come to me after using that route 3 - 5 times without real success.

By then there is damage done. It's not uncommon by then that leaky gut is involved because of the assault on the gut. Since antibiotics kill good bacteria as well as bad, the gut (70% of the immune system) no longer has the right bacteria for digestion, help in the production of vitamins and a myriad of other wonderful things that should be going on in there.

 Herbs for Giardia in Puppies

Now it's time to attack this protozoa in a natural way while building health so your pup is stronger and in my opinion, healthier than before. I vary this with adult dogs a bit. Young puppies need building while older dogs need cleansing of the liver. Puppies simply won't have the build up of garbage that an older dog does.

So here is what you need:

Liquid Silver Shield (Stock # 4280-5 - a powerful natural anti-pathogen which also reduces inflammation. Take on an empty stomach.

Liquid Black Walnut (Stock #1755-7) - A centuries old way to kill both protozoa and internal parasites (also protects against heartworm without using those awful pesticides.)

Echinacea/Golden Seal Liquid  ( # 3180 ) - antimicrobial and infection fighting herbs for the gastrointestinal tract 

Intestinal Soothe & Build (#1106-2) This is especially important because it will soothe the damaged intestinal wall and encourage new cell growth for faster recovery. 

NutriBiome Bacillus Coagulans Probiotics  (# 6109-3 )  -  An excellent way to help reset the intestinal  microbes. Most probiotics used when diarrhea is present, tend to create more diarrhea. This heat tolerant strain is perfect for giardia in dogs because it helps stop the diarrhea while resetting the gut.

Colostrum (# 1828 ) -  Colostrum is a super-nutritional substance secreted by the mammary glands of nursing mammals. It contains immunoglobulins and broad-based immune enhancers. Colostrum supports growth and repair of gastrointestinal tissues and nervous tissue. I give it to my healthy 10-year-old Lulu every single day. It's that good.

Not mandatory. . .

but I also strongly suggest using Probiotics Eleven ( # 1510 ) afterward to feed the body with helpful bacteria. Again I give this to my dog (and myself) every single day. Just remember to keep it in the fridge to keep them alive and well. (Not your dog silly, the probiotics.)

BIG HAIRY NOTE: If you have more than one dog, all of them should be treated. Giardia is highly contagious. (See my video at Giardia in Dogs where I tell you how my dog got it.)

If your other dogs show absolutely no symptoms, simply use the Black Walnut and Silver Shield.

How To Order Stuff for Giardia in Puppies

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If you wonder why I'm so adamant about Nature's Sunshine products, click over to my  Why NSP? page to see why I only use these human products for dogs.

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Note: by the way Black Walnut combined with one other herb prevents other internal parasites including heartworm without any toxic side effects.

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Note: This is a companion page to Giardia in Dogs.To understand it best, please visit that page. Read it and watch the video.

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