Stop Giardia in Dogs Naturally
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Everything you need to know about giardia in dogs in 500 words.  Topics include giardiasis, dogs, puppies, contagious, treatment, herbs, restore gut health naturally.

Caution: Using herbs to battle giardia in dogs could lead to better health and happiness.

Giardiasis (giardia) is a protozoa in the gut. It is not a bacteria but can cause a bacterial infection.

Giardia is not a worm and regular anti parasite drugs (poisonous insecticides) don't seem to work very well.

Who is at Risk and How Contagious is it?

Giardia in dogs is highly contagious. Dogs and puppies need only one short contact from infected poop. Just one can multiply into thousands (protozoa simply split so no breeding is involved) .

Humans get it too.

It may be diagnosed most often 1 - 4 weeks after vaccination.

Normal Treatment for Giardia in Dogs

The most common approach is using the antibiotic Flagyl (metronidazole) and the dewormer febendazole.

While metronidazole will stop a secondary bacterial infection, it also creates a problem. Antibiotics (anti-life) kill ALL bacteria. That leaves the gut microbes (bacteria) so out of whack that the problem can get worse.

Digestion and the immune system are then both compromised.

The Worst Side Effect of Giardia

A long term damaged gut.

The intestinal lining becomes swollen and creates mucus to protect itself but when the problem continues, tiny 'holes' allow leakage of undigested food into the body cavity.

Now you know what leaky gut is and it's painful.

Herbs to the Rescue!

Herbs are popular because they are targeted, highly nutritious foods.

So, a natural approach without any negative side effects will use herbs known for their anti protozoa properties,  anti inflammatory properties,  digestive aids and soothing the poor bowels.

Add a specific patented supplement that works as an antibiotic killing only the bad stuff and you've got a wonderful program.

I believe your dog will be healthier after going through the program than before giardia reared its ugly head.

Ordering the Best

Before I give you the link to order, here's what you should know.

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