Goodbye to Three Little Pitties friend Mia

by Andrea Partee
(Minneapolis, MN)

Mia at the beach

Mia at the beach

How many times do we question ourselves about whether to let our dogs go to Rainbow Bridge in a natural way or to help them if they are suffering? How do we know for sure when they can’t speak to us? Is it the attitude? A body that looks weak? The look in their eyes?

I think for each dog it’s a bit different but we always want to know we’ve done the best we can. After all, they do so much for us we want to do the same for them.

No matter what, the death of a dog is hard to bare but I wanted to write about Mia and her owner Steph. Mia’s vet said Mia would die from renal failure and was ready to put her to sleep in 2012. Not ready to give up just yet, Steph contacted me through this website. She wasn’t ready to send Mia off to Rainbow Bridge just yet so I suggested some supplements and a bit of change in her diet. Mia made a spectacular comeback. Her energy increased and her tail wagged.

There were days we both forgot Mia was going to die. She had ups and downs but Steph was amazing at diligently tending to this adorable dog.

We emailed each other regularly. I gave advice and she gave me pictures. I became very attached to Mia and her brother Ice as well. Funny how my website isn’t so much a business as it is an extended family.

On March 19th, the decision was made to let Mia go. Her body just couldn’t keep going without those kidneys and Steph knew in her heart there wasn’t going to be another comeback. She could not let her dog suffer.

Now Mia is at Rainbow Bridge but I wanted to share a few of the pictures her owner sent to me and even a video of Mia… well just being Mia. Ever seen a dog scratch a donkey's back? You probably have to copy and paste to view but it's worth it.

If you visit other pages of this site, you may come across other pictures of Mia which I proudly display. This courageous, feisty little dog makes me smile and her owner has become a true friend to me. I am blessed.

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