Heartworm and Intestinal Parasites

Ever wondered if there’s a non-toxic herbal way that would prevent heartworm and intestinal parasites while building the immune system at the same time? There is!

When adopted, Pippa's human mom asked for help. And while working with her, she sent me pictures that I can share with you. I love my job!

Being a natural kind of gal and learning much the hard way, I’d like to bring to your attention the benefits of a few simple herbs.

My two favorites for heartworm prevention and internal parasite prevention are NSP's Black Walnut and Garlic.

As you read what they do, consider reasons your dog has seen the vet in the past and how these may improve his health.

The Best Heartworm Prevention Herbs

  • Black Walnut (Stock #90-8) or  for small dogs under 15 pounds Black Walnut Extract (Stock #1755-7) is not only antiparasitic, it's antiviral, antiseptic, and antifungal. (Think yeast infection.) Purifying and oxygenating the blood, it also improves all bodily functions, the immune system and makes the body less attractive to fleas.
  • High Potency Garlic (Stock 292-9) Don't let the lack of smell fool you. It's coated with chlorophyll so the garlic isn't released until it gets into the gut. Garlic has antibacterial properties that don't have side effects like antibiotics. It's also antiparasitic, antiviral, antiseptic and antifungal. Combined with black walnut in the right dose it also improves health. For more on garlic if you have concerns, see Garlic for Dogs.

Intestinal Parasites

These two herbs also keep your dog free of internal parasites like tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms and pinworms and make him less hospitable to fleas.

Comparing Heartworm Herbs & Meds

 Medicine- I'm guessing you are reading this page because you already know that 'regular' heartworm, dewormers and flea meds are not medicine but poison. These insecticides are fed to our dogs once a month (yes, even on the skin is the same as eating).

It takes the body about 45 days to filter out most of the insecticides so they are repeated. This is tough on the body and will have long term consequences. How could it not? And even though studies have shown the the pesticides stay active for 45 days, it was decided for you that it would be easier for your simple brain if you  gave them once a month. You know, like make the house payment (or rent) and give the dog his meds.

Herbal Prevention - Depending on the size of your dog, the black walnut and garlic are given in food every day or every other day during the warm season so they can build and then maintain an inhospitable environment naturally while strengthening the immune system.

Not All Herbal Supplements Are
Created Equally

There are so many herbs and supplements on the market, it makes your head spin. Plus have you noticed that dog products say, "Not for human consumption" ?

Even hundreds of products for humans were taken off the shelves at GNC, Target and Walgreens for not supplying what is listed on the label.

Don't you think it's better to use human grade products that have gone through rigorous testing for purity and potency and have an excellent reputation? Me too and that's why I only use and suggest Nature's Sunshine Products (NSP).

The Do It Yourself Section

Here's how to get the products, save money and get me with the package.

If I sponsor you through Natures Sunshine, you get me in the package. Not delivered at your door silly, but my personal email so you can ask questions about proper dosage and whatever else you don't find answers to on this website.

Why? Because I'm here to help you.

Saving Money

Here's how it works. Anyone can purchase Natures Sunshine Products for the retail price. But if you spend $40 at the member price on line (which is  about 30% lower than retail) you qualify to be a member and get that discount. Membership is free. Everyone who purchases as a member has a sponsor. That's just how it works. With me as your sponsor, you learn the right dosage for dogs.

Now as for the garlic and walnut there's a few things to consider. The garlic comes in a bottle of 60 and the black walnut comes in a bottle of 100. I know, bummer.  Plus to make the $40 minimum you need to either buy 2 bottles of garlic or get something else so I have a suggestion to give you a choice. Either way, one bottle of each will last at least 60 days but up to twice that for smaller dogs.

Instead of 2 bottles of garlic, you might enjoy trying Silver Shield Liquid or Gel. I love both. It's a natural antibiotic, anti inflammatory, anti fungal to use on the skin for your dog or your family and if your dog licks it, it won't hurt him a bit because it is also taken internally.

I hate to do this to you, but you'll have to figure out how much to get all by yourself because I don't know you personally and whether you like to buy ahead and save on shipping like I do.

For a big dog it'll average somewhere about 1 of each per day, half for a med dog and 1/4 for a tiny dog.

And just so you know, if you spend $100 in one order, you also get a 10% credit like I do. I do this every month because there are so many products I love for both Lulu and I. With over 600 products available I actually save money on my grocery bill so it's a win-win for me. Will it be for you?

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