Herbs vs Drugs

I actually bought this photo for an ad and thought it might be fun for this page. All other photos are sent to me from the parents of dogs I help or my family's dogs.

A better understanding of herbs vs drugs and how they do totally different things in the body.

The title suggests a battle doesn't it?

Not necessarily.

I just don't want you thinking you can interchange them and get the exact same results from the body's point of view because what you see may not be what you get.

I think we better take a look inside the body so you can see how very different they are.

What Drugs Do

Drugs act quickly and have 3 basic purposes:

  • To kill life as with antibiotics (yes the literal meaning of anti - biotic is anti life)
  • To stop a symptom by either stopping a natural action of the body (think anti-inflammatory)
  • To stimulate an action. For this one think of epinephrine which is a powerful heart stimulant used for heart attack victims. If you've ever used or known someone who had to use an EpiPen for a life threatening allergy, you know just how much the drug stimulates the heart!

At times drugs are absolutely necessary for survival.

At other times they must be taken long term or life-long to make the body feel/appear normal.

Yet all drugs are toxic. They must be filtered out of the body which causes rapid aging due to the breakdown of the liver and kidneys.

Drugs That Are Not Drugs at All

Let's take a quick look at drugs meant to kill or prevent parasites. Doesn't matter whether we're talking fleas, ticks, heartworm, intestinal worms or even protozoa.

They are pesticides. Yes, poisons. Not only do they hurt the body but they don't always work.because parasites become immune over time. Now you've poisoned your dog and still have the same problem.

What Herbs Do

Herbs are nutrients. Herbs are foods that strengthen the body and help it work better. Some herbs are anti-bacterial toward unwanted bacteria only. Some antiviral. Some anti parasitic and some anti protozoa.Some feed specific organs and some help the body eliminate toxic waste.

Herbs take longer because they encourage the body to heal itself through a natural process that has no side effects except good ones! Those would be a healthier, stronger body on the inside where it counts.

Herbs vs Drugs

I just wanna note here that the drug industry in the United States makes a GINORMOUS amount of money.  Sales increase every year. In 2016 it was  $450 BILLION DOLLARS.

The average is ten prescriptions for every man, woman and child in this country.

From what I can see, dogs aren't far behind.

Obviously we need to stop a lot of symptoms and the side effects as well.

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