Home Remedies for Dogs
What to Keep in the Medicine Chest

The best home remedies to keep on hand for your dogs are ...

Keep natural and herbal home remedies for dogs in your canine first aid kit. The best dog remedies include a natural antibiotic, topical antibacterial, vomiting and car sickness remedy and salve for wounds, boils and abscesses.

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This is my best friend Bonz, forever and always. I admit I'm not great at cut and paste but I wasn't going to make him pose with this stuff.

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I hope you're like me and enjoy taking care of things at home. Not just yourself and the kids but the dog as well. Maybe you're petting your canine kid and notice something. It could be a raw spot from scratching, a small swollen area you think is the beginning of an abscess. Maybe his ears smell or are extra dirty leading you to believe he's dealing with a bacterial or yeast infection.

If so, do you ever wonder what to do for him? A lot of over the counter things for humans are not good for dogs. Heck they're not all that good for humans either so let's get natural. I always try things that help the body heal itself first. The more natural the better.

What's good about my list is ... These can all be used for you as well. Besides, when do you notice something wrong? On a Friday afternoon after the vet is closed? Me too. I swear it happened for years until I figured out how to help my dogs at home so stick with me and look around this website. After 40 years of dogs I have some tried and true remedies.

This page however is about home remedies for dogs to keep on hand at all times so you are prepared for both mini and maxi disaster. Things like ear infections, wounds you want to keep from abscessing or abscesses themselves; carsickness and vomiting; or heaven forbid if you suspect your dog has eaten a poisonous substance you need help NOW not an hour from now - you can be prepared.

What if you are planning a road trip but you have a canine who gets carsick? Do you want to give him a drug that makes him sleepy or something natural to keep him from upchucking on the back seat? Maybe you have an anxious salivator who drools all over the car seat.

Tired of running to the vet for an ear infection? Both bacterial and fugal ear infections can be cured using home remedies for dogs.

Ready, here's what I've got for you. The first three I will never be without no matter what. They've been lifesavers. Actually the only thing I don't have is the one for carsickness since my dog thinks riding in the car is heaven.

Home Remedies for Dogs to Buy

Silver Shield Liquid – anti-bacterial and natural antibiotic for internal use, although I've been known to use it externally as well because i keep some in a spray bottle at all times. This does about half of everything I said in the video.

Example uses: diarrhea, urinary tract infections, bacterial ear infections ( put six drops directly in the ear and squish..leave in the ear ). And there are more things listed in the sidebar.

For humans I spray it on wounds, cuts, scrapes and even zits. It even disinfects counter tops. It's uses are endless.

Silver Shield Gel – topical gel for cuts, abrasions, inflamed gums, runny eyes ( put one drop in corner of eye )

This gel form sticks more easily for topical application.

Probiotics 11 - A must if your dog has been on antibiotics to regrow the lost good bacteria and aid in digestion. Also a godsend if the dog (or you) have a surprise case of flatulence as well. A dog or human over 50 pounds gets two capsules once a day or one capsule twice a day after antibiotics (for at least two weeks). For gas, I'd give the dog one or two but for myself I have no problem taking up to 4 if I have a tummy ache.

If you have a pill hater, you can open the capsule and let them lick it. Tastes sweet. My Lulu thinks it's a treat and chews it up. Here, I'll show you. Sorry I cut off the top of her head. I was guessing when I set the camera on the table.

While most of us know the importance of regrowing beneficial bacteria, the more I learn about probiotics the more amazed I am. Take a peak at my page called Probiotics for Dogs to learn more about the benefits.

Enzymes - Can be taken internally to help digest food but since this is the home remedy section, what I keep on hand is the best spray enzymes I've ever found. Did you know the right mix of enzymes sprayed externally is actually a pain killer? You've got to read more about this. Totally natural without side effects, you can even drink it. Learn more at Enzymes for Dogs.

I have found more uses for this spray than I would have imagined. It's a totally natural cleaner, odor remover (think dogs and everywhere they hang out or lie down; shoes, feet, bathrooms etc.), it's anti itch, a minor pain killer and my favorite is using it as a makeup remover. Works far better and faster than the $20 tube of Clinique I had and it has no chemicals. I spray it on a soft paper towel and barely touch around my eyes and the makeup instantly goes.

My daughter laughed at me for all the stuff I use it for . . .at first. She's not laughing any more and she loved that I got a tiny spray bottle and filled it for her bathroom.

Sorry, I got carried away. Let's move on.

Catnip and Fennel Liquid – Internal for vomiting and car sickness. While no one in my house gets carsick anymore, it's awesome if you have a dog companion traveler that drools and upchucks.

Black Ointment – ( drawing salve ) topical salve for itching, wounds with pus, boils, abscesses.

Tea Tree Oil – antiseptic – use 3 drops with 1 tsp. vinegar and 3 tbsp. water for cleansing skin, and ears.

If the smell of melaleuca (tea tree oil) isn't for you either, there is something else with similar properties...

Lavender Essential Oil - Smells wonderful and does many things when you add several drops to distilled water and fill a spray bottle. Anti itch, bug repellent, calms and soothes and kills bacteria and viruses. You can read more about it on my page called Lavender Oil Uses.

Activated Charcoal – For emergency poisoning to absorb poisons from the digestive tract. Use if you suspect the dog has ingested something poisonous. Often recommended when calling poison control hotline.

*If you are not one of my regular readers, the above listed remedies are all Nature's Sunshine products because I trust them. I am a stickler for quality and know not all products are created equal. To find out why I promote them as home remedies for dogs, please read " Why NSP ? "

On that page you will also find how to get a discount.

Note: If you prefer to call in your order their phone number is on the NSP  website and my sponsor number is


(Andrea Partee)

The Best Offense is a Good Defense

Please read some of the historic quotes in the right hand column. Healthy foods are the best thing for dog health.

If you find yourself constantly needing home remedies for dogs and your pooch suffers from chronic skin problems, ear problems, fleas, or the poor guy smells, improving his diet could change his life, his health, and reduce your vet visits to annual checkups or none at all.

For the ultimate in understanding and improving dog health, I spent 8 months creating a course which tells you everything you wanted to know about foods, treats, fleas, parasites, vaccines and drugs. To see if there is space available, see The Vital Components to Real Dog Health.

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