How to Choose
Your Dog's Food . . . 

How to choose your dog's food like a proHow to choose your dog's food like a pro. Everything you need to know and surpass 15 million other Americans including valuable info on why recent recalls happened and how to avoid them.

After decades of feeding dogs, reading labels, figuring out the ingredients, I can now share how to choose your dog's food based on science and manufacturing practices.

I've been a dog health coach online since 2009 helping dogs regain their health. Guess what the first thing is I ask my clients?

What does your dog eat?

Because of the answers from hundreds of people, it's time to share that some foods actually make dogs sick eventually. As a coach, I find it so sad when a client says, "But he's been healthy until now" because they had no idea that it just took a long time for the obvious to show.

Join my course and in about an hour you'll know:

  •  more about dog food than 15 million other Americans
  • why dog food recalls happen and who is responsible
  • what all those ingredients are that you can’t pronounce
  • how to lower the risk 90% of buying food that could be recalled

As a bonus, you'll feel good knowing how to adjust your dog's meals just twice a week to improve his health and make sure he is getting the nutrients he must have.

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Tips on How to Choose Your Dog's Food

Kibble can and does go rancid (bad) making it toxic. To avoid that:

  • Never buy a bag of dog food that has been opened and then taped shut.
  • Never pour a bag of dog food into another container to keep it fresh. That simple act of pouring, exposes all the kibble to the air long enough that it begins to go rancid. Instead keep it in the bag and put the whole bag into a resealable container.
  • Be sure to use a bag of kibble within 2 weeks 

Watch out for Fish

Never buy dry dog food with fish, fish oil, fish meal or omega 3. The first 3 are more likely than not to come from China where they've been treated with a toxic preservative not allowed in most countries (and legally does not appear on the ingredient label). Omega 3 goes rancid too quickly to be of use in food. Add a good source separately.

General Tips

Never buy low fat dog food (fat doesn't make them fat, carbs do)

Always add water TO THE KIBBLE before serving. The body cannot process it without water so uses fluids within the body causing dehydration for 90 minutes after each meal causing long term damage to the kidneys.

Remember, food is the cornerstone of dog health so choose wisely.

Two of My Favorite Experts

Wouldn't you like to know what a science based 20 year veteran of dog food formulation has to say? How about someone who has spent years researching the actual process of making dog food, been allowed inside production facilities and has accessed the laws about ingredients?

Stick with me so you understand the tricks of the trade and be able to see clearly what is best for your dog by the time you finish this course.

And to help with your busy schedule, there's a downloadable audio version inside so you can learn on the go

Have You Ever Wondered. . .

Have you ever wondered who invented dog food?

How they turn food into a little crunchy nougat?

What part of dog food is actually based on science?

Who is the AAFCO who approves dog food and how do they do it?

Did You Know . . .

There is a profound difference between bone meal vs. beef bone meal or chicken bone meal?

There are 3 things often found in dog food practically no one knows because of their fancy or scientific names? What they really are is

  • a rubber stabilizer created for tires
  • a weed pre-emergent
  • chalk

Common Mistakes Practically Everyone Makes on How to Choose Dog Food

If you've done any of these things, don't feel bad because I did four of them.

  • Asking friends, relatives and neighbors what they feed their dogs
  • Asking a veterinarian who has never researched dog foods 
  • Going by the picture on the bag
  • Assuming food sold at the vet's office is always better
  • Going with the most widely sold dog food (when in fact they have far higher ongoing lawsuits for crippling and killing dogs)

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No problem. Here are some excellent books to buy if you don't take the course. You can probably read them all in a week:

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Fun(?) Fact:    The first commercial dog food was not created by a veterinarian, a nutritionist, a scientist or even a dog owner. It was created by a Salesman.

As always, I love serving your dog through you,