Iridodiagnosis? How About
Iridology for Dogs

Iridology works for dogs too. Here's how to get them to hold still for an iridodiagnosis.

If you've never had your eyes read, you've missed out, but I haven't always thought this way.

I remember a time about 25 years ago when shopping at the health food store. A woman I'd never seen in there offered me a freebie. An iridodiagnosis to tell me my health problems by looking in my eyes. I thought she was nuttier than a fruit cake.

I passed.

Like many alternative therapies, I’m not laughing anymore and there is serious training to understand this stuff.

To the trained iridologist, the eyes are a doorway to understanding someone's constitution. Their inherent strengths and weaknesses.

This is done by observing  colors and patterns in the iris of the eye. As with other holistic approaches, the iris has specific areas which correspond to different areas in the body. The most important feature is that iridology reveals conditions before symptoms appear.

Long time practitioners can readily see areas of the body with weaknesses, congestion and toxic accumulation. They can also observe emotional and mental states.

Even a novice can gain some knowledge by observation of the iris and comparing their findings to the charts. I never considered trying this with my dogs until now. Why? When I eventually had it performed by my naturopath, I had to hold still and rest my chin very close to the viewer (just like getting your eyesight tested).

So why would I write about iridodiagnosis on a dog health website?

Iridology for Dogs

Now I realize I can take digital photos of my dogs eyes and compare them to the charts online. Sounds kind of fun to try. I could make it part of my personal at home holistic dog medicine package. (If I'd ever stop writing for a bit.)

I don't know how many holistic physicians may use this in their repertoire of diagnostic measures. My own naturopath found it was a useful tool, but alas, it was outlawed in her area.

There are so many tools that can be used for natural health, and many we can learn a little about ourselves.

I took a fascinating class on iridodiagnosis and it made sense. It's done by a man named Steven Horn who has been practicing iridotomy for 26 years. Not as long as he's been a master herbalist but he offers lots of classes you will find intriguing.

You can find Steven Horn at Tree of Light, Excellence in Herbal Education.

By the way, Steven Horn is also the author of one of my most used books - The Comprehensive Guide to Nature's Sunshine Products.

He sometimes offers free classes as well so check him out and sign up for his newsletter. By the way, there is no affiliate relationship whatsoever, he's just darn good.

So now we know the eyes are not just windows to the soul, but windows to our physical body as well.

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