Lavender Oil Uses
and its Benefits

I must share lavender oil uses for you and your dog. Both antibacterial and disinfectant it prevents flu and is used for dog flea control, a natural tick repellent and in a home remedy for mange. Ready?

If you're a regular Three Little Pitties reader you know I stay away from drugs and toxic skin treatments because of their side effects. The benefits of lavender oil abound and it smells wonderful too so let's get started.

Lavender Oil Uses for People

I know this is a dog health website but honestly I love stuff we can share with the dog and for the first time I'm putting us first. You see, we buy things without thinking of possible consequences and I hate seeing people use hand sanitizers and spray their surroundings with germ killers. All those things have negative side effects but lavender oil does not and it works better!

Here's an excerpt from a newsletter I received from my Naturopath back in Georgia. Debra MacIntyre, ND has had my utmost respect for over 20 years. (If you ever want to improve your own health naturally and live near Roswell, Georgia; tell Dr. Deb I sent you. She's awesome.)

Tip on natural antibacterial benefits of lavender oil:

Lavender oil kills germs. Those nasty anti-bacterial wipes and soaps actually make you more vulnerable to illness. Replace with this- put 30 drops of lavender oil in a 3 oz travel spray bottle and fill the rest of the way with water. Shake well and spray suspicious surfaces such as phones at work, grocery cart handles, surfaces in public restrooms or even your bare hands. Works like a charm and actually improves your immune strength!

Remember the horrible flu outbreak we had about 5 years ago? One of my patients was a preschool teacher at the time and used the above lavender spray in her classroom and as a hand sanitizer for her students a couple of times a day. At one point the school administrator came to her to ask what she was doing.... other classes had 30-50% absentees from the flu and she didn't have a single one! Even children in her class who had siblings out with the flu were not sick! This was all thanks to the lavender spray. Non-toxic and VERY effective!

This is the kind of stuff I love to share!

Benefits of Lavender Oil Indoors

I use a few drops of straight lavender oil in my kitchen when the ants decide to make themselves at home. They immediately leave in a huff. (And I say, good riddance!)

And since its a natural antibacterial and natural disinfectant, how about using your home made spray to keep germs out of the house? Especially the kitchen and bathrooms.

Lavender Oil Uses for Dogs

Well my dog loving friends, now it's time to share the benefits of lavender oil for our canines.

Home Remedy for Mange Spray - Use 1/4th cup hydrogen peroxide (the 3% solution); 3/4 cup water and six drops lavender oil (you can also use tea tree oil, and cedar oil or any of the three, in a spray bottle and use twice a day. (This is six drops total.) For more about mange, go to Canine Scabies.

How about a natural tick repellent? Six drops of lavender oil in 6 ounces of water used every two to three hours while you're out hiking with the dog will do it and it's a natural flea control as well.

Hot Spots - I haven't used this one but it makes perfect sense. Mix a tablespoon of  cold pressed organic coconut oil with a few drops lavender oil and warm the mix slightly so it's liquid. Rub it into the inflamed skin spots and go for a walk so it has time to be completely absorbed into the skin and your dog will be too busy to think about licking it.

And before I forget to mention it, here's another tip. Lavender oil is calming for both dogs and humans so you might just decide to spritz yourself and the dogs for the heck of it.

The Right Kind of Lavender Oil

Whenever you choose an essential oil for you and your dog, be sure it is high quality for safety and efficacy. If you are a NSP member, you can get a discount. Nature's Sunshine carries it here. If not, be sure to get it from your natural health food store where standards are higher.

Lavender oil uses abound don't they? I just wish I loved the smell like everyone else but life isn't always perfect.

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Do not use any essential oils, including lavender oil on cats.

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