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There are two reasons to feed a low protein dog food. Canine health problems or empty wallet syndrome, so here are a few recipes you can make at home along with tips for kidney disease in dogs.

Do you ever feel like Old Mother Hubbard who went to the cupboard, to get her poor dog a bone? Are you out of dog food? Here's a couple of canine recipes. (To increase the protein, just add a few eggs.)

If you've found me because your dealing with kidney disease in dogs, please read the section about that which is below the recipes.

Okay, we'll start with the healthiest. It takes longer but it's real food that you can make a big batch of, and refrigerate or freeze in portions.

My dogs loved this. It's:

Beans and Rice for Dogs

  • 2 lb bag pinto beans
  • 2 lb bag brown rice
  • 5 cloves fresh garlic
  • l lb bag fresh carrots
  • 2 cups fresh green vegetables

Cook beans and rice per package instructions (presoaking beans several hours and changing water prevents flatulence in dogs). Cut vegetables and garlic in small pieces or put through food processor. Mix it all together.

Makes approximately 21 cups of food (10 servings for a med/large dog)

- 21 grams protein per two cup serving

- If you are one of those that balks at garlic and you believe the myths, please read garlic for dogs because it's great stuff.

- For more protein, you can add 1 large egg per cup of food

- For more protein and calcium,  add one raw chicken back

"In A Pinch" Beans and Rice for Dogs

White rice has almost no nutritional value since the nutrients and fiber have been stripped. However, we all have lazy days, lack time or ingredients. Here's one low protein dog food recipe I'd rather not admit I've had to do, but it filled them up. Total cooking time 20 minutes.This is an emergency substitute dinner. To learn more about rice, see brown rice for dogs.

There are not enough nutrients to sustain dog health (but I'd still choose it over a bag of Beneful).

  • 4 cups cooked white rice
  • 1 can beans
  • 1 can green beans or peas

Makes 6 cups food. Adding a few hard boiled eggs thrills my dogs, while increasing protein and actual nutrition.

Note: While the first recipe is fairly healthy by dog food standards, (better than grocery store brand dog foods), remember that dogs are carnivores and need meat. Choose low fat raw meats whenever possible and alternate with the first recipe. If you are looking for low protein recipes for a diabetic dog, please read about the Canine Diabetes Diet.

Kidney Disease in Dogs

Now that I've share the recipes I must admit I hope you only use them temporarily or on an emergency basis. While you're here I want to give you some tips about renal disease and low protein dog food. All this requires is an extra minute and a little common sense.

The theory is this:

Healthy animals pass many toxins from the body through urine, but these toxins can build up when a dog has kidneys that are not functioning properly. Digesting protein produces toxins, so to keep them at lower levels simply change to a low protein dog food. This way his body will not have to work so hard.

Common sense says this:

Dogs are carnivores. You agree with me so far right? Okay, as a carnivore their main diet is MEAT. Meat is high in protein. As such, it seems dogs should have at least 40% protein in their diet (although I feed more).

Now, if a dog has failing health due to kidney disease (renal failure) or canine kidney stones are an issue why on earth would I take away the food he needs to thrive? Wouldn’t I be making matters worse in the long run?

Common sense tells me its far better to increase the QUALITY of his protein so he can break it down without stressing the kidneys which aren’t up to par. And to give him help I’d probably need to add some herbal supplementation to help the kidneys do their job.

First I would consider raw dog food recipes because I'd know the exact kind and quality of the meat and because raw food still has enzymes intact to help with digestion.

If I kept him on a high quality dog food I might choose enzymes to help the body break down the food better.

Either way I'd want kidney support to either heal the kidneys or give my terminally ill dog more time with me. My favorite which helped my pit bull Bonz immensely is called Nature's Sunshine KB-C (if you consider KB-C contact me to discuss the best food choice for your canine and get a discount.)

I found an interesting paper by a veterinarian Kenneth C. Bovee, DVM,Department of Clinical Studies at the School of Veterinary Medicine in Pennsylvania to back up my common sense. It's titled  "Mythology of Protein Restriction for Dogs with Reduced Renal Function"

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