The Lyme Vaccine for Dogs
and Why to Just Say No

The dangers of the lyme vaccine for dogs is worse than the disease itself. The vaccine side effects were so bad with people, they took the human version off the market yet not the canine. Why is that?

Perhaps it’s that lawsuits by people with adverse reactions to the vaccine are paid more attention to by the courts.

While I’m sure the drug companies are continuing to make new and ‘better’ versions of this vaccine, I wouldn’t let my dogs have it even if someone paid ME.

First of all, none of the US Veterinary schools recommend the lyme vaccine for dogs. Second, a dog can carry the spirochete for years without being affected by them, so what do you suppose would happen to a dog receiving a vaccine for something they already have lying dormant?

I have no idea whether that is the cause of the worst lyme vaccine side effect or not but the vaccine can and sometimes does prompt an incurable variety of Lyme Disease to develop.

This is more than a controversial vaccine for dogs. The Lymerix vaccine for humans was recalled due to severe adverse events and the lipoprotein antigen used in all Lyme vaccines is now understood to potentially cause autoimmune disease that can cause painful arthritis, kidney disease and neurological disease that not surprisingly are similar to Lyme disease.

Part of the scare of lyme disease in dogs is the problem with testing for the disease itself. There is a difference between testing positive for Lyme and actually having Lyme disease.

Research at Cornell University Veterinary School showed 94% of all dogs with antibody for Lyme were exposed to it and didn’t get sick – without vaccination. Because the diagnosis of Lyme disease is normally based on antibodies, this means more than 90% of dogs diagnosed with Lyme disease probably don’t have the disease and never did have it.

That's more clinical than I want to get. There is a lot of research out there you can find if you want the scientific scoop. For me, the bottom line is I hate seeing people being pushed into dog vaccinations. I see a flood of websites misguiding us because they follow the crowd instead of doing some homework.

Why I'd Rather Deal With Lyme Disease Than the Lyme Vaccine for Dogs

With all the modern vaccines and drugs, our dogs are getting sicker each year and their lifespans are getting shorter. Why? Because we fill them with these toxins and then feed them highly processed food with little nutritional value.

We need to get back on track. The natural track.The truth is, our dogs are overvaccinated on a regular basis and it is now known that the model for those who choose to vaccinate should be "One and Done!" because that's all it takes if you wait for the right age and watch your combination shots.

I invite you to visit the dog vaccination page link below to familiarize yourself with which vaccines work, which are useless in prevention but high on toxicity and to learn vaccine side effects. Your dog will thank you and I will too.

If we worked more on health care than disease care, we wouldn't be in such a pickle now. After all, healthy dogs don't get sick.

Now if you want more information on natural prevention, click on canine lyme disease. It can be done naturally and easily. I've seen it work for dogs and humans.

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