Maggie's Story

by Marlene Pearson
(Crystal, MN)

A lovely story by Marlene written from the dog's perspective on life here and at rainbow bridge ...Ready? Got a tissue?

I remember the day my owners picked me up from the breeder. The misses was a little unsure of choosing me, because I was so little. In fact when they got me to my new home, she actually put me in a teacup to see if I would fit into one. Of course I did because, after all, I am a Teacup Poodle. I’ve never weighed more than 4 pounds.

My life has been wonderful. From the day they got me I have been babied. I’ve been called, Princess, Darling Face, Our Little Baby, Precious, you name it; if it’s endearing, I’ve been called it. My real name is Maggie, but it seems the only time they call me Maggie, is if they are upset with me, which hasn’t been that often.

Life has been fun with my owners. I have traveled many miles with them. We’ve gone to Texas (where I walked River Walk, and was queen for a day), Chicago, the hills of Virginia (where I brought home huge fleas), and many trips to Northern Minnesota to visit relatives.

Every where they go they take me with them. I’m treated like a princess. Everyone wants to pet me, hold me, and little kids always want to kiss me. Letting others do whatever they want with me, I can tell, makes my owners very proud and happy. They keep telling me what a good little girl I am.

I love it when the misses is home alone with me. She turns on the radio, plays music, picks me up in her arms, and dances around the house with me. We twirl around to the music. “Come on, Baby Face, let’s dance,” she says. And away we go.

Yes, I’ve had wonderful years with my owners, but time has gone fast. I am now 18 years old. The last two years have been very hard for me, and my owners. I am blind, almost deaf, and just don’t have the energy I used to have. It seems I sleep more than I am awake.

We used to walk to the lake a few blocks away, and my misses would feed the ducks. I’d sit by her side, and watch the ducks swim up to get the bread she brought for them. I’m just too weak to walk outdoors any more. Sometimes the misses will carry me, and we walk for a little while, but it’s just not the same. I sure do miss those trips to the lake.

The misses holds me and rocks me in the rocking chair, and tells me how much she loves me. She’s talked about a place that she says I’ll like. A place where there are other pets, trees, lakes with ducks, and lots of bones to chew on. A place where I’ll be able to see again, run and play like I used to. I don’t know where this place is, but when the misses holds me, she talks about it to me. She tells me I’ll love it. I wonder where they’re planning on taking me. If they expect me to look cute, I hope I get some rest before we leave.

I have been so tired lately. It seems all I do is walk into walls and furniture. A few times I fell down the basement stairs. That is until they put a screen in front of them.

Tonight I feel especially tired. I just want to sleep. I try to stay awake, so that my owners don’t worry about me, but some days I’d just like to sleep in a corner some place.

I’ve even heard my owners telling others that they are worried about me, and that they don’t know what they’d ever do without me. I don’t know where they think I’d go without them.

Boy, a few winks before they get home is going to feel good. I . . . What’s that? What’s that bright light?

“I don’t believe it! I CAN SEE! I CAN SEE! OH, look at those trees, and that lake. There are ducks swimming in the lake. Oh, my gosh, look at those beautiful flowers. Look at the fields to run in. Look at that stack of bones. WOW!

I CAN HEAR! Listen to all those birds singing. I even hear other dogs.

I feel so good. I can run and play. I feel young again.

Could this be the place my misses told me about? She said it was a place called Heaven. Could it be?

Hey! Look at me. I’m chasing a butterfly.

I wonder how long it will be before my owners come. They are really going to be surprised when they see me. I’ll run and greet them when they come. I’ll walk to the lake with my misses, and we’ll feed the ducks. Oh, it’s going to be like old times.

Hey, all you other dogs, wait up for me!

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Jan 22, 2015
Wow!!! Tissues....
by: Tracy M

I am getting ready to put my 13 year old Jack Russell down tomorrow. Thank you for posting that story! I believe in every word and that will help with my mourning my BEST Friend Jackson!!!

Dec 05, 2014
Such a Beautiful Story
by: Andrea Partee

It's nearly 3 years since Marlene wrote this beautiful story about Maggie's life and Rainbow Bridge. When I saw a new comment on it titled Sniff...Sniff I read it again. It's still beautiful and I believe it with all my heart.

Of course we miss them terribly but we are all a part of the circle of life. It's kind of why I dislike the word 'die' because the spirit or soul simply doesn't die but it does 'pass over'

Bless us all and may we feel a touch of the joy now that we will feel when we meet our loved ones again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Dec 05, 2014
by: Anonymous

What a beautiful story! While it tugs at the heartstrings, I can only hope that it be totally true. Many thanks for sharing!

Feb 17, 2013
So Lovely
by: Jackie from London

I lost my beloved Lab Archie on Friday, I feel like my world has been torn apart. Your poem is so lovely, it has made me smile and cry, I thank you for sharing it x

Feb 12, 2012
Rainbow Bridge isn't just a poem
by: Andrea from Three Little Pitties

Marlene, I really like the way you wrote your story about Maggie. I cried and I really do believe the end of the story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

...tissue please


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